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Zombie Army 4 Heroic Actions Locations Guide


Heroic Actions is one of the many collectibles that you can gather in Zombie Army 4. There are a total of 9 of these that you can find and complete in the game and this Heroic Actions locations guide will help you do that in Zombie Army 4.

Zombie Army 4 Heroic Actions Locations

In Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Heroic Actions require you to complete some basic actions like defending resistant fighters from zombies. Successfully completing them will reward you with perks, upgrade kits, and other goodies.

The following are the locations of all the Heroic Actions in the game:

1. Dead Ahead Heroic Action
You get the opportunity to complete the Heroic Action during Off the Rails chapter. While running through the rail yard, you need to get to a shack near the stairway to find 2 men fighting zombies. You must keep both of them alive by killing all the zombies in the area to complete the Heroic Action.

2. Death Canal Heroic Action
The second Heroic Action is completed during the Ghosts and Gondolas chapter. After you managed to fend off the horde, proceed toward the saferoom but don’t take the bridge. Instead, you need to head to the left side of the fenced area to find a man chased by 3 zombies. You need to save the man from the zombies to complete the Heroic Action.

3. Meat Locker Heroic Action
You get to complete this Heroic Action during Schweiger’s Revenge chapter of the game. After heading out of the saferoom, you’ll see a guy being attacked by an armored zombie in the distance. You simply need to protect the man to complete the action.

4. Zombie Zoo Heroic Action
The next Heroic Action is completed during the Don’t Tap the Glass chapter. In the large circular room with a creature in the middle, you should see 2 men on the balcony. These men must survive the entire event for the Heroic Even to be completed.

5. Rotten Coast Heroic Action
During the Village of Darkness, you’ll be able to find a sniper tower with a sniper at the very top. You must protect the sniper from both the zombies and the tank in the distance (it’s very easy to do in co-op). Simply keep the man safe during the entire event and you’ll complete the Heroic Action.

6. Molten Nightmare Heroic Action
During the Hot on the Trail chapter, you’ll be required to defend the boat at the docks to get the explosives. With explosives in hand, blow up the debris and make sure that the man safely reaches the boat to complete the Heroic Action.

7. All Roads Lead to Hell Heroic Action
During the City of the Dead chapter, you must quickly run into an alleyway after the gate closes to find resistant fighters trying to fend off some zombies. You need to fight alongside to complete the Heroic Action.

8. Hell Base Heroic Action
After completely filling the blood fountain in the Not in Kansas Anymore chapter, you need to head over to the cliff overlooking the bridge. You need to stand on the cliff and defend the fighters below to complete the Heroic Action.

9. Hell Machine Heroic Action
Immediately after leaving the saferoom, you need to head left to come across a man holding off zombies on his own. Fight alongside the poor soul and the final Heroic Action in Zombie Army 4: Dead War will pop up.

We hope our Heroic Actions guide helped you find and complete all of them in Zombie Army 4. If you’re interested in other helpful tips and tricks, feel free to check out our Zombie Army 4: Dead War guides page.

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