This item Mods Guide for Zombie Army 4 Dead War will give you all the info you need about them along with the ways to have them unlocked. Each of the items has two mods which offer you various bonuses throughout the gameplay.


Mines and grenades are the two basic types of items you commonly come across in this game, however, the Med-kit is the most essential of all the items. The different sorts of grenades that you find in the game can deal with frag damage along with incendiary and electric. Here are all of the items and their mods to make your gameplay experience complete.

How To Unlock Item Mods In Zombie Army 4 Dead War

The following is what you need to know about unlocking item mods in Zombie Army 4 Dead War:

The Medikit

The reason for it being most essential of the items is that it is able to fully restore your health. There are two mods of this item.


Mod A Auto Revive: This mod unlocks at Rank 11. It can be used for reviving yourself if incapacitated. While doing that it also releases a burst of electricity which affects all enemies in your vicinity.

Mod B Divine Burst: This is unlocked at Rank 16. You are able to heal your allies with this mod if they are within a short distance and the enemies surrounding you will be receiving an increased amount of damage for a brief while.

Electric Trip Mine

As the name suggests this is a tripwire mine that is able to deal with electrical damage that stuns your enemies. This item also has two mods.

Mod A Increased Arc Range: It unlocks at Rank 21. The range of the electrical arc unleashed by the mine is increased by this mod.


Mod B Additional Arcs: Unlocked at Rank 26 this mod increases the number of the electric arcs.

Zombie Army 4 Dead War Mods

Frag Grenade

This grenade is a typical explosive. The two mods for this item are as follows:

Mod A Cluster: This is unlocked at Rank 51. Upon detonation, it delivers an additional number of explosive projectiles.


Mod B Sticky: Unlocked at Rank 56. This can stick to surfaces and increases the radius of the explosion.

Incendiary Grenade

This grenade is able to inflict fire damage in a specific radius for a brief period. The two mods are:

Mod A Lure: Is unlocked at Rank 76. This emits a sound that attracts the zombies and the burning time of your item is increased.

Mod B Impact Trigger: This is unlocked at Rank 81. The range of the fiery damage is increased and it blows up on impact.

Bait Grenade

You can throw this item in order to lure the horde of zombies to any point you need. Here are the two mods of this item:

Mod A Increased Duration: This is unlocked at Rank 31. It increases the effect of the item and makes it last for a longer period of time.

Mod B Danger Zone: Unlocked at Rank 36 it will explode any suiciders that wander within the bait’s area. Heavies will also attack the bait area.

Divine Grenade

This grenade solves several of your troubles within the game. It increases the level of damage to your enemies, regenerates your health bar and enraged zombies are calmed down by the use of this item. The two mods for this are:

Mod A Increased Duration: It is unlocked at Rank 59. The item lasts twice longer with this mod.

Mod B Increased Healing: This is unlocked at Rank 61. When used it will heal your allies with twice the usual speed.

Artillery Flare

This flare can call an airstrike in the area which is made prominent by the beacon’s smoke.

Mod A Additional Strikes: This is unlocked at Rank 86. More of the Artillery shells are delivered by this mod.

Mod B Focused Strike: Unlocked at Rank 86 this mod ensures that the shells land with increased accuracy and within a tight radius.

That is all for our Zombie Army 4 Dead War Mods guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on Heroic Actions Locations.


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