Zombie Army 4: Dead War Combat Guide: Custom Loadouts, Tips And Tricks

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Combat

In this Zombie Army 4: Dead War Combat Guide, we are going to walk you through the different mechanics of the game. In detail explanations of how to use custom loadouts, get more supplies and how to survive a horde attack while completing the different objectives.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Combat Guide

The following is what you need to know about combat in Zombie Army 4: Dead War:

Custom Loadouts

In every game, we always do go for custom loadouts. No one likes using default weapons. They don’t fit everyone’s play style. However here we recommend that your main weapon should always be a sniper rifle.

Experiment around with each sniper and then pick the one that you think suits you the best and then upgrade it as much as you can. You have a more expansive selection of your secondary weapon.

The secondary weapon is always there to get you out of a tight spot. A shotgun for those satisfying one-hit kills or perhaps even an LMG to mow down the hordes of zombies. Each weapon comes with its own perks and weakness so be sure to read them thoroughly when choosing.

Even though you now have your primary and secondary weapons, you should have a pistol in your loadout as well. Even though they are very situational the only time you would use them is on delivering certain items on pickup.

In your build, there are included, Super Melee Attack, items and perks. Both Perks and item Mods will give you bonuses you need to survive such as making your medkits more efficient. Super Melee Attacks need to charge in order to be executed, however when you land one they award you with bonus health and ammo.

Stick to Your Build

Focus on one build that you started out with and then upgrade it to the max. This is crucial, you are free to have different builds in different sessions but it is advisable to have one loadout with maximum upgrades to ensure survival.


Be ready to improvise as the situation changes. One moment you will be facing a few zombies whom you can kill easily and the next thing you’ll know is that you’re running for your life as hordes and hordes of zombies chase after you.

Using what you find is the way to victory, running out of ammo is normal and you should search for a weapon on the ground and pick it up. Don’t forget about maneuverability. Sliding and stomping on zombies is an important mechanic.

Special Zombies

More variety of zombies are encountered as you progress through the game. Some will shoot you from a distance, some will be carrying powerful weapons while some will be extremely tough to take down. You must focus on getting rid of these zombies as soon as you can. If you in a horde situation these special zombies will easily be able to pick you off, therefore, you should prioritize killing them first.

Ordinance Crates

If you find special large crates during your search, open them immediately. These contain powerful weapons and powerful weapon attachments for your current weapons. Needless to say, these will help you in taking down the hordes of zombies you come across and therefore you should always be on the lookout for these crates.

Unlock Weapon Assists

Currently, there are three advanced combat mechanics that you should charge with tasks before you can use them. These tasks are

Overkill Weapon Assist that you may unlock with 10 Rifle Kills in a row, press L2 and then R1 to activate it, this will deal massive damage.

Weapon Focus Assist for which you must get 10 kills with a secondary weapon in a row, once activated time will slow down around you which will allow you to kill even more zombies during this phenomenon.

Brain Buster for which you will need to get 10 Pistol kills in a row. You will be able to mark enemies while aiming and then followup with a headshot on those that are marked.

Keep Multiple Types of Grenades

These different types of grenades come in very handy as the situation calls for. The Tellar Grenades can be laid down as traps for zombies, they explode if a zombie should cross over them. You will also find elemental grenades consisting of electrical and incendiary. Having 2 different types of grenades comes in handy.

Tips and Tricks

  • Swap weapons in case you need to reload your current weapon.
  • Avoid small rooms during horde fights, you will get surrounded very easily.
  • Land headshots.
  •  Melee attacks are a last resort. Even though they deal massive amounts of damage.
  • There is no shame in using Aim-assist if you are on a console.
  • Focus on chapter goals, you may forget to collect certain items when facing a horde situation. Try to complete goals while moving towards the safe house.
  • During mini-boss fights always be on the run. These bosses tend to run up to you suddenly and pound you with high melee damage and their high powered weapons are devastating up at close range.

That is all for our Zombie Army 4: Dead War Combat guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how to unlock weapons and upgrade them.

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