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How to Unlock Zelda TotK Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower


As part of your efforts to unlock the entire map of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll have to unlock the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower. It is one of the easiest ones to unlock but only if you have the right resources at your disposal. The Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower is completely covered with spikes which means they are blocking access to the main entrance.

In this guide, I will explain all you need to know on how to unlock the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda TotK Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower Puzzle

When I arrived at the Rabella Wetlands it started raining and most of the time when you visit this area, rain will be a problem. And since we are going to use fire arrows to clear the spikes and unlock the tower, rain causes a serious problem. The solution to this is skipping time until the rain stops for a while.

In front of the tower, near the beach, a cooking pot where you can sit and skip time. I had to skip time 3-4 times before the rain stopped. Keep skipping the time of day until it stops pouring down.

skip time at the rabella skyview tower and wait for the rain to stop.
Image: RespawnFirst

Now, once the rain has stopped you need to gather Fire Fruits or use Yunobo’s Fire Charge ability to clear the spikes. Here’s a video tutorial on how to do this:

In the video above, I used both the Fire Charge ability as well as Fire Arrows to clear the spikes in front of the Rabella Skyview Tower. Other than the spikes, there is no other puzzle that you need to solve to unlock the Rabella Skyview Tower. After clearing the path, go inside the tower and interact with the terminal to unlock the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower.

That’s all you need to know, if you have something to add, let me know in the comments below.

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