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Zelda TotK Gerudo City Riddle Pillar Puzzle Solution (Easy Way)

How to Solve Gerudo City Riddle in Riju of Gerudo Quest!


Riju of Gerudo is one of the main quests in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Once you reach a certain point in the quest, you will find yourself in the underground marketplace of the Gerudo city and Riju will read a riddle written on its wall. This riddle can be solved by aligning a few pillars of light correctly. In this guide, I will break down all the steps you need to complete to solve the Riju of Gerudo Riddle Pillar puzzle and also show you where to find the pillars in question.

Once you manage to solve this puzzle, be prepared for the first of two encounters of Queen Gibdo boss fight. I CAN NOT stress this point enough; have as many arrows as you can carry from this point. You can buy them from the Gerudo City marketplace, you will also find some at the Lightning Temple.

How to Solve Riju of Gerudo Pillar Puzzle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

riddle is written on this wall in the underground Gerudo City marketplace.
Riddle: “Standing back-to-back with the throne, witness red pillars across a vast sea. Unite the pillars in light to reveal the lightning stone and open the way. You who can hear my voice, come to me. I await you.” (Picture by RespawnFirst)

After Riju reads you the riddle, go back up to Riju’s thrown and stand behind it facing the desert. You will see a set of pillars and that’s your first location.

Pillar #1

Go to the pillars and climb up where you will see some cracks in the ground and rock next to it. Fuse the rock into one of your melee weapons and smash open the rocks to free the light source.

The light will then hit the reflector and go straight to the next pillar.

crack open this rock to reveal the light source.
crack open this rock to reveal the light source. (Picture by RespawnFirst)

Follow the light to reach the next pillar location in the Gerudo Desert.

follow the light to reach the second pillar.
follow the light to reach the second pillar. (Picture by RespawnFirst)

It takes around 15 to 20 seconds to reach the next pillar when you follow the light. You will have to face a few enemies along the way but nothing you can’t handle, especially if you’ve unlocked Yunobo as a companion.

Pillar #2

To second light pillar is a bit different from the first. You don’t have to smash anything to release the light but instead, you must adjust the reflector to reflect the light that’s coming from the first pillar. To reflect the original light source toward the next pillar, climb the smaller rock pillar next to the one with the reflector.

spin this mechanism to align the lights.
spin this mechanism to align the lights. (Picture by RespawnFirst)

Go up the rock formation and interact with the mechanism there to reflect the light toward the third and final pillar. Follow the light to reach the next pillar.

Pillar #3

The third and final pillar has some enemies at the base of it so clear them out before claiming to the top. There is a crack in the ground, use your melee weapon to get a couple of Zonai devices and wooden arms. Put together everything as shown in the image below:

put together the all items to create this design.
put together the Zonai devices and the wooden arms. (Picture by RespawnFirst)

When you hit the Zonai devices when they are put together, they will float which is something that will help you shift everything to the very top of the light reflector pillar. Here’s a video to help you with the final part:

After aligning the final pillar your puzzle is complete and you can move on to the Lightning Temple after a short cutscene.

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