The Sitsum Shrine is among the simplest of shrines in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It doesn’t really have any tough puzzles and it hardly takes 2-3 minutes to get it done. However, reaching it is more difficult than actually completing it.

Thankfully, the location of the Sitsum Shrine can be reached during a main quest, after your boss fight with Yunobo. Both of you can then reach the top of the mountain where the Moragia boss fight takes place. But I highly recommend that you do this Shrine before you jump into the Depth to reach the Fire Temple.

Otherwise, it really annoying to come back later at the Sitsum Shrine location because the way up is so long and hard to navigate.

Sitsum Shrine Location

How to Complete Sitsum Shrine Puzzles in Zelda TotK

As I mentioned above, there isn’t any tough puzzle in Shrine and it’s pretty to complete. When you first enter the shrine, you will see a vehicle that is controlled by its stick. Stand on top of the vehicle and press A to grab the control stick; this will trigger the vehicle to start moving into the lava.

Keep driving straight ahead and then turn right. You should see a round ball on the wall so stop near it. Use the grab ability to take the ball and attach it to the vehicle so it won’t fall off as you drive.

The next step is to back out of the narrow ally you are in when you turned right to head back to the main area. When you are back out onto the main area, you will see a locked door in front of you. The ball we just took is the key to getting the door opened. Place the ball as shown in the image below:

place the open in this location to open the gate that leads to the chest.

The gate will now open, giving you access to Sitsum Shrines’ reward chest.

Next, you have to get back on the vehicle and turn right to go up the ramp. There is a Soldier Construct here with a bow so make sure to avoid getting hit. Take down the soldier to clear the area and then use the Grab ability to remove the control stick from any of the vehicles you see in front of you. Attach the stick to one of the Wings; as shown in the image below:

Attach the stick to one of the Wings.

The final step to completing Sitsum Shrine is to fly the Wing glider to the left, far end of this giant room. Here’s a complete video tutorial to help you complete Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s Sitsum Shrine:

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