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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Morok Shrine Walkthrough (Puzzle Solutions)

Morok Shrine is in the Lanayru Wetlands and to reach this area you can use a custom flying device or jump from the Great Sky Island’s exit toward the right. The Morak Shrine can be found is positioned to the northwest of the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. You can locate it precisely at the coordinates (1183, -0780, 0133).

The Morok Shrine aka A Bouncy Device challenges your puzzle-solving skills as well as your sanity sometimes. Took me a while to figure it out but thanks to me, you won’t have to pull out your hair trying to figure out how to get the ball all the way to the other side in Morok Shrine.

Zelda TotK Morok “A Bouncy Device” Shrine Walkthrough

As soon as you enter the Morok Shrine, a stone pillar in front of you is ready to push you up so you can glide to the upper platform. Once you’re up there, a Zonai spring device will then push you further upward but to use this device, you need to stand on it and hit it with a melee weapon such as a spear or sword.

When you are finally on the third platform, there are two puzzles you need to solve.

Morok Shrine Puzzle #1 Solution

On the third platform, there is another Zonai spring that you can use to glide to the platform on the other side of the gap (toward the right). There is a platform across the gap that you need to bring to this side and place in the machine on the ground. To solve this puzzle, once you’re on the other side of the gap, take the Zonai spring on this side and place it as shown in the image below.

Now place the ball on the Zonai spring as shown in the image below.

Hit the Zonai spring to activate it and the ball will be thrown to the other side of the gap. I don’t like to brag but mine landed perfectly inside the bowl.

Morok Shrine Puzzle #2 Solution

Once the ball is inside the bowl, the locked door with open which gives you access to two more Zonai springs. Bring the two Zonai springs out and attach them (vertically) to the spring already outside. Now you have three Zonai springs, all attached to each other. Climb above the springs and hit them with a melee weapon to glide higher than you could before, easily reaching the top of the Morok Shrine.

Note: Just under the final platform there is another platform that has a chest. You can glide to it first to unlock the chest and then you back down to glide up again.

If you have any trouble completing the Morok Shrine, here’s a video guide for you.

Morok Shrine Video Walkthrough

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