Horse Drawn Dreams is an early side quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom that introduces you to some of the game’s mechanics, including how to catch a horse and how horse harnesses work. This side quest is relatively short and only offers a few silver rupees as a reward, but it’s a good idea to complete it before moving on to more challenging side quests. In this guide, I’ll break down all the steps you need to take to complete the Horse Drawn Dreams side quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Complete Horse Drawn Dreams Side Quest in Zelda TotK

Zumi is one of the NPCs in Hyrule looking for some help. She is standing outside the New Serrene Stable in Hyrule Fields. If you’re near that location you can reach on foot or use a horse, if you’re far away I suggest you fast travel to Sinakawa Shrine which is right next to the New Serrene Stable.

Run over to the stable and go near the broken carriage outside the tent. Zumi is standing right next to it. Speak with Zumi outside the New Serrene Stable to start the Horse Drawn Dreams side quest.

Zumi will explain how excited she is to have this carriage and wants to work on fixing it with some extra building materials. However, she also needs a horse and that’s where Link comes in. Agree to help her and run to the nearby field to find a horse.

speak with Zumi at New Serrene Stable to start the side quest.

How to Catch a Horse

To catch a horse in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom for Horse Drawn Dreams side quest, approach a horse as quietly as possible. If you have a potion or a food recipe that gives a stealth buff, use it! If not, crouch and slowly walk toward the horse without being detected. It is harder than it sounds because horses are usually in groups of 3-4.

If any one of the horses see you they all will spook and run away. Catching a horse is a game of patience so walk very carefully toward the horses. When you are close enough, a button prompt with pop up (A). Press it to start riding the horse but you need to keep it calm by hitting ZL when the horse gets nervous.

Final Step

Bring the horse back to Zumi but the quest isn’t done yet. You now have to fix her carriage by using the building materials next to the stable tent. Use your Grab ability to take the two wheels one by one and attach them to the carriage. This will finally complete the Horse Drawn Dreams side quest so you are now able to move on to more important things, such as finding Zelda!

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