Zelda Tears Of the Kingdom is one of the most ambitious games released on Nintendo Switch. One can’t deny the critical reception of the game has been excellent. The attention to detail in Tears of the Kingdom is amazing with the game’s world reacts to Link as it would react in the real world.

Fire is a burning hazard in real life, which is true for video games, and Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is no different. There are enemies in the game that deal fire damage or even areas that are burning and players must traverse them. If not prepared, Link will burn and lose HP and that is where the Fireproof Elixir comes in.

As the name suggests, Fireproof Elixir grants Link temporary resistance to fire which is useful in many scenarios and is necessary in some boss fights like Yunobo in Yunobo of Goron City quest or Marbled Gohma in the Fire Temple. This Zelda Tears of the Kingdom guide will help players with the Fireproof Elixir Recipe, the best mix for the recipe, and where to find ingredients for it.

How To Make Fireproof Elixir in Zelda TotK

To make or cook the Fireproof Elixir in Tears of the Kingdom, players need 3x Fireproof Lizards and 2x Monster Parts.

  • Recipe: 1x Fireproof Lizards, 1x Monster Parts
  • Best Combination/Mixture: 4x Fireproof Lizards, 1x Monster Parts

To make the Fireproof Elixir, players need a cooking pot, which are scattered throughout the Sky Isles and Hyrule. Players can also use a portable cooking pot, which is a single-use item.

Stand close to the cooking pot, open inventory, select and hold Fireproof Lizards and Monster parts and cook them. Players will get a Fireproof Elixir that grants temporary fire resistance. The duration of the fire resistance depends on the mixture or the combination of ingredients. The best combination mentioned above provides the longest fire resistance, according to our experience.

We also have a guide on Cold Resistance if you’re looking for to deal with cold, do check this out.

Fireproof Elixir Ingredients Locations

general location to find fireproof lizards in Zelda TotK.

The ingredients for the Fireproof Elixir can be found in the area around Eldin Mountains, Death Mountain, and Eldin Canyon, refer to the image above. Players will find Fireproof Lizards and Monster Parts in abundance in this region close to mountains and mines. While Monster Parts are easy to acquire, players have to grind for Fireproof Lizards. However, we have the best location for the Fireproof Lizards.

Fireproof Lizards Best Location

The area right next to the Gortram Cliff, highlighted in the image below, is where players will easily find Fireproof Lizards. Just go there and farm some Fireproof Lizards to make the Fireproof Elixir.

Note: The Fireproof Elixir is necessary to fight Yunobo and Marbled Gohma, farm a lot of Fireproof Lizards and Monster Parts.

 Fireproof Lizards Best Location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

That is all for our Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guide with tips on how to make Fireproof Elixir, the best mixture, and it’s ingredients locations.

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