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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — Best Defense Recipes for Survivability


Defense Recipes in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom significantly improve your survivability, especially in combat encounters. With over a dozen of such recipes, you should have no trouble finding something helpful for almost any situation in Zelda: TOTK. However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of these recipes depends on how you cook the ingredients — feel free to experiment.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Best Defense Recipes

These recipes focus on defense, HP regen., Stamina, among many other useful effects. Aside from boosting your defensive abilities, these can be plenty helpful for general exploration. You will need to farm a variety of ingredients found throughout the game to be able to cook these recipes.

Tough Steamed MushroomsFortified Pumpkins + Ironshrooms
Tough Meat Stuffed PumpkinFortified Pumpkins + Raw Meat
Tough Vegetable CurryFortified Pumpkins + Hylian Rice + Goron Spice
Tough Mushroom RisottoHylian Rice + Goat Butter + Rock Salt + Ironshrooms
Tough ElixirRugged Rhino Beetle + Monster Parts
Tough Steamed FishArmored Porgies + Herb
Tough Meat-Stuffed PumpkinFortified Pumpkin + Raw Meats + Goat Butter
Tough Meat and Mushroom SkewerArmored Carp + Ironshrooms
Tough Fish PieArmored Carp + Goat Butter + Tabantha Wheat + Rock Salt
Tough Prime Meat StewFortified Pumpkin + Raw Bird Thigh + Fresh Milk + Tabantha Wheat + Goat Butter
Tough Salt-Grilled MushroomsIronshroom + Rock Salt
Hearty Fried Wild GreensAny Hearty Ingredient + Combination of Vegetables + Flowers
Hearty Simmered FruitAny Hearty Ingredient + Combination of Fruits
Hearty Seafood SkewerAny Hearty Ingredient + Fish / Seafood
Hearty Mushroom SkewerAny Hearty Ingredient + Mushroom
Hearty Meat and Mushroom StewAny Hearty Ingredient + Meat / Mushroom + Fresh Milk + Tabantha Wheat + Goat Butter
Enduring Steamed MeatAny Enduring Ingredient + Meat
Enduring Seafood SkewerAny Enduring Ingredient + Fish / Seafood
Enduring Mushroom SkewerAny Enduring Ingredient + Mushroom
Enduring ElixirAny Enduring Critter + Monster Part
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Where to Find Ingredients?

You should have little to no trouble obtaining these ingredients purely through casual exploration. But in case you are not able to find some of these ingredients, here are some general locations that will help:

IngredientWhere to Find
Fortified PumpkinsThese can be found in Kakariko and Hateno Village, or dropped by Hinox enemies.
IronshroomsThese are found in the East and West Necluda regions, often near trees, or bought in Gerudo Town​​.
Raw MeatRaw Meat is obtained from animals like deer or birds, and wolves drop Prime Meat, which can also be used​​.
Hylian RiceIt can be gathered by cutting grass around Hateno Village or purchased at the village’s General Store.
Goron SpiceIt is found in Goron City at Tanko’s General Store​​.
Goat ButterIt is available at various shops, such as High Spirits Produce.
Rock SaltIt can be obtained by breaking open Ore Deposits in caves throughout Hyrule​​.
Rugged Rhino BeetleIt can be found from tree-like Evermean foes or in the East and West Necluda regions.
Monster PartsThese are acquired from defeated monsters, varying from Keese Eyeballs to Moblin Horns.
Armored PorgiesThese are common in bodies of water across Hyrule.
HerbsThese are found in grassy areas and forests throughout Hyrule.
Armored CarpIn water bodies, especially around Lanayru.
Tabantha WheatIt is available in stores or fields.
Fresh MilkIt is sold in stores.
Hearty IngredientsThese are found in wild areas across Hyrule.
Vegetables, Flowers, HerbsThese are common in grassy and forested areas.
Enduring IngredientsThese are found in various locations, like Faron region.

These are some of the best Defense Recipes in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If we missed anything, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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