The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is all about discovery and exploration, but when you start off, you are bound to make some mistakes that you might regret later on. In this Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom beginner’s guide, we go over some useful tips and tricks that will help you get started.

Tips And Tricks To Help You Get Started In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The following are some of the tips and tricks that we recommend you keep in mind when playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

Keep Your Breath of the Wild Save

If you played Breath of the Wild, then make sure that you have the save file on the Nintendo Switch that you will play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on. If you do that, then the horses that you captured in Breath of the Wild will be available to you in Tears of the Kingdom.

This will save you a lot of time since you will not have to capture new horses, break them in and build a relationship with them. Link’s legendary horse Eponan carries over as well, but it will not be able to tow materials and wagons.

Cooking Is Key

Food not only gives you health, but it also applies status effects. At the start of the game, you will not have any recipes, but that should not stop you from looting as much fruit and other resource as possible. Having more ingredients that you can cook with is better than having too few. You never know when you might need them because the game keeps surprising you with harsh weather conditions.

It starts in the Great Sky Island where you will have to face hard cold weather. We have a great Spicy Pepper recipe that will help you protect against the cold not only on the Great Sky Island but in Hyrule for over 12 minutes.

The same goes for hot weather, as you will have to either create potions or cook food that help you survive.

Get A Stick

When you are in a storm, your metal weapons and shield are going to attract lightning. So you will need something wooden or made of stone. You should keep a stick and a wooden shield to avoid the lightning. Sticks are also used as one of the ways to light a fire under cooking pots, or bonfires, or as a light source in dark caves.

Explore And Complete Side Missions

There is a huge world to explore in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and you can uncover many secrets, which can be very rewarding. We also encourage players to check out the side missions for lore and additional rewards. You should also talk to all the NPCs that you encounter since they can give you side quests as well. This is one of the important Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom tips that you should keep in mind.

Increase Your Hearts And Stamina

Your health and stamina are the most important resources in the game. You can increase them by completing shrines and gaining Orbs from them. You can trade these for hearts or stamina at the Goddess Statues in the Great Sky Island or others you might come across in Hyrule. Additional health and stamina are going to help you survive and traverse the world.

You Can Trade Hearts For Stamina And Vice Versa

As you progress through the game and complete shrines, you will gain Lights of Blessing orbs. You can trade these for hearts or stamina at the Goddess Statues. At some points in the game, you will not be able to progress the main story without a specific number of hearts or stamina.

You can use the statue in Hyrule’s central base of operations, Lookout Landing, that enables you to trade hearts for stamina and stamina for hearts. This is not free and is going to cost you rupees for each heart or segment of stamina that you trade, but if your progression is blocked, then this is one way to overcome that.

You Can Increase Your Inventory Size By Using Korok Seeds

Complete Korok puzzles to get Korok seeds which you can use to increase the slots in your inventory. The inventory space becomes a problem if you want to store additional shields and melee weapons. As far as I can tell, there is no limit to how many different materials you can carry, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Uncover The Map

Explore the map to find fast travel points and safe areas such as stables. Uncovering the map will also help you locate enemy bases and shrines. This is something that we recommend going early on. Some of the fast travel points have puzzles attached to them, so you will have to solve them before unlocking the fast travel points, especially in Hyrule.

These are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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