The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, the original from 1993, introduced a color dungeon. It was an optional dungeon that features color-based puzzles. In 2019’s grand return of Zelda Link’s Awakening, this dungeon makes a return and quite fittingly so.  In our Zelda: Link’s Awakening color dungeon guide we will be walking you through this dungeon and also tell you how to unlock the color dungeon.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Color Dungeon

The color dungeon needs to be unlocked first so in this section of the guide we will first discuss how to unlock the color dungeon in Link’s Awakening. The first you need to do is head back to Mabe Village.

How to Unlock Color Dungeon

Once you reach the Mabe Village, go to the library which is the big building in the southeast. Equip the Pegasus Boots and hold down L to run into the bookshelves that are in front of the entrance. Running into the bookshelf will knock out a red book down from the top shelf.  This is the key to unlocking the color dungeon. Pick up the book and it will tell you about the world of color. Hit “yes” and learn about the world of color and follow the instructions.

The book refers to five gravestones at the cemetery to the east of the Mysterious Forest, and north of Ukuku Prairie. Go to the bottom right corner of the cemetery where you’ll find these gravestones the red book referred to. You need to move the five gravestones by following these instructions:

  • Bottom right gravestone goes downwards
  • Bottom left gravestone goes to the left
  • Top left gravestone goes upwards
  • Top middle gravestone goes to the right
  • Upper right gravestone goes upwards

The right placement of the gravestones will unlock the color dungeon which means its time to discuss how to complete the color dungeon.

How to Complete Color Dungeon

The return of the color dungeon is pretty much the same but there are slight changes here and there. One of the changes you will notice this time around is the skeletons near the entrance now offer you to sell more magic power for 100Rs.

Link’s Awakening Color Dungeon isn’t really a huge place but it does have come rater tricky puzzles for you to solve. There are rooms with multi-colored blocks and let me tell you, they aren’t easy to solve.  You must slash the blocks with your sword with one goal in mind, turn all of them into blue orbs. Hitting one block shifts all adjacent blocks so the player ends up spending some time tinkering with it for a while, especially in the room where there is a 3×3 grid near the boss.

In the very first room, you must kill all the enemies as they rise from the ground. Next up is the room I mentioned above, turn all the orbs blue. To do this hit the orbs in the corner to change the color of the two orbs diagonally in the middle. Head to the right and ignore the room with the flying creature and colored tiles, and go through the door on the right.

Hit the enemies to make them curl up and throw them in similar colored holes. Go up and turn all the orbs into the same color, doing this will get you a key. Head to the door on the left and face more colored enemies who come up from the ground. Defeat the boss; when the boss becomes green use magic power to turn it blue again. Use your sword and he will die. Head from the door to the left and get the nightmare key.

Now head back to where we faced two enemies that had to be picked up and thrown. Use the door at the bottom of the screen. Takedown the two red and green enemies and go to the door on the left. There is a chest in the area with a key inside. Get the key and kill the enemies here before using the door at the top. Use the key you found in the chest and unlock the door at the top and the Dekudon boss battle with begin. Use bombs on his feet or hit with Magic Rod to kill him.

In the next room, you will kill a couple of enemies before moving a vase to find the pressure point. Use the pressure plate to unlock the door.

Go up and kill the enemies to get the chest with the map of the color dungeon. Head right through the door and thrown enemies into their color-corresponding holes to get the key. Now head back left and down to the room of the pressure plate, and move through the door on the left. Hit the orbs to turn them the same color and go through the door leading upwards.

Defeat the enemies and use the key to unlock the door leading left. Now move along the blue tiles and hit the switch to elevate them.  Use the raised tiles to reach the final boss fight.

How to Beat the Hardhat Beetle

To defeat this boss you need to use either your arrows or the Magic Rod.  Hit the shell of the Hardhat Beetle with projectiles in quick successions.  Hit the shell and it will change color but if you don’t hit is for an extended period of time its color will change back and you will lose your progress. Halfway in the boss fight, 10 skeletons will come up so use bombs to deal with them quickly and back to the boss fight.

This marks the end of the Link’s Awakening Color Dungeon guide. If you need more help with the game check out our Golden Leaves Locations, Seashell Locations, and Heart Pieces Locations guide.