Since the launch of the game Xenoblade Chronicles 3, its popularity has increased. It’s an open-world combat game where you come across multiple bosses. To defeat such enemies, your combat skills should be good enough. To take care of this issue, the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Training Drills Guide will explain the built-in feature of the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Training Drills

If you are previously playing the game, then you probably don’t need this feature. But if you have started playing from scratch, then this training drill will help you in combat.

How To Access Training Drills

Press the X button from the controller and go to the Main menu. From Main Menu, go to the System Menu, where you will see Training Drills

when you select Training drill following option will appear

  • Fundamentals Of Battle
  • Arts Effect And Positioning
  • Draw Weapons ANd Engage Enemy
  • Learn To Auto Attack
  • Attack Using Your Arts
  • Attack With Your Talent Art
  • Restore HP using AOE Healing Abilities
  • Learn ABout Positioning

Select the one area in which you want to train yourself. It’s a checklist once you complete a training drill from the following that will be checked in there.

Training Drills Benefits

There are no rewards when you complete those drills. These Training Drills are just to enhance your combat skill.

This is all you need to know about Training Drills in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Need to know more, visit How to Use Fusion Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3How to Recruit All Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and How To Unlock All Skill Slots In Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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