Skirmishes are a fast-paced, 2-player mode in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that pits you against waves of enemies. You’ll start with basic weapons and abilities, but you can pick up new gear and skills by defeating enemies. Your goal is to survive for as long as possible while scoring as many points.

What are Skirmishes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Skirmishes are essentially short, fast-paced battles that can be used to gain experience and rewards quickly. In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Skirmishes are not essential to the game’s main storyline. Yet you can participate in these battles for additional rewards; of course, they are definitely worth it.

To participate in a Skirmish, you must first join a squad. Once in a squad, you can queue up for a Skirmish and start a battle. They are also a lot of fun, so be sure to join a squad and participate in some Skirmishes! In short, Skirmishes are a great way to level up your character and earn rewards quickly.

How Do The Skirmishes Work in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Begin the task by finding an open world and heading there. The Skirmishes are represented by twin swords crossing in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Although the Skirmishes aren’t required to complete, you can engage in this side activity to earn bonus items. The rewards (Nopon Coins, XP & Gold, Colony Affinity) will be displayed when you enter battle.

Furthermore, leave the game to factions if you come across an opponent with a higher level and believe you will not be able to overcome him. Lastly, the Skirmishes have a fixed location, so you won’t face any trouble finding them.

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