Gem crafting is one of the gameplay mechanics in the newly released Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Gems help you boost your character’s current abilities. Gem crafting requires you to refine¬†Cylinders and Crystallized Ether to turn them into gems. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to craft gems in the game.

How to Craft Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The first thing you need to ensure is to only refine Cylinders and Crystallized Ether from the same rank to craft gems. Rank 1 Cylinders won’t combine with Crystallized Ether. To craft gems, you need to visit Riku at Rest Spots.

Riku not only helps you craft gems but also better weapons. When you have gems, you can place them in your gem slots. During the early parts of the game, gem slots are limited but as you progress in the main story, more slots become available.

We have a separate guide on how to unlock gem slots in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

The first slot is available by default, and the second one becomes available at lvl 20. The third slot unlocks at lvl 30, and with three slots available, you can place gems to boost your stats.

There are three types of gems in the game; Healer, Attacker, Defender, and Universal gems. To use gems, you need to press X to open the menu and go to the Characters tab and then the Gems section, where you can see your gems slots.

That’s everything you need to know about crafting gems in the game. Need more help? See General Tips, How to Recruit Zeon, Classes and Roles.

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