Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a turn-based RPG borrowed from the Final Fantasy and Xenosaga series for its mechanics. The game features a unique mix of the real-time and turn-based combat that can confuse new players. This guide will break down the basics of combat and explain how the different systems work.

Battle System and Combat


There are a total of three Combat Roles in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

  • Attacker: The Damage Class is the most effective class to use when combating monsters. You may attack the monster from its back or side to deliver damage.
  • Healer: The job of healers is to heal and revive the friend.
  • Defenders: The defenders are responsible for protecting other classes and taking care of enemies’ aggro.

Art Types

  • Combat Arts: The primary arts that you will use in every battle.
  • Fusion Arts: It lets you use dual combat arts simultaneously.
  • Master Arts: The purpose of master arts is to allow the use of any art you have learned.
  • Talent Arts: This art is for intensive battle situations that give you special abilities.

Aggro System

The monster target line will help you find out whom you are fighting with. For example, a Blue line will app read if a Defender is under attack. Similarly, for Healer and Attacker classes, the Red Line will appear.

Combet Tips and Tricks

  • Use the “Quick Move Action” in the battle to reduce the damage and gain an attacking advance.
  • Learn to use “Master Cancelling” to cancel the enemy’s attack.
  • To increase your chance of winning a battle, you should fight with a solo enemy.
  • Use ” Healing Circle” to heal up and revive your squad.

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