Gems help you boost your character skills and abilities in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Crafting gems is one gameplay mechanic you get access to after reaching Chapter 2 and speaking with Riku. in this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about several types of gems available for crafting in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Gems List

The types of gems available in XC3 are:

  • Attacker Gems
  • Healer Gems
  • Defender Gems
  • Universal Gems

Attacker Gems

  • Steelcleaver I-X: 20-70 Increase in Attack
  • Refined Incantation I-X: 25-50% increase in debuff duration on enemies
  • Swelling Scourge I-X: 25-50% increase in debuff power
  • Analyze Weakness I-X: 20-45 increase in Dexterity

Healer Gems

  • Lifebearer I-X: 20-45 increase in healing
  • Refined Blessing I-X: 25-50% buff effects duration increase on self
  • Swelling Blessing I-X: 25-50% increase in Buff effects power on self
  • Lifesaving Expertise I-X: Reduces ally revival duration by 20-45% and boosts healing by 5-15
  • Soothing Breath I-X: Revive allies with 20-45% HP and raise healing by 3-15

Defender Gems

  • Tail Wind I-X: 10-35 increase in Agility
  • Ultimate Counter I-X: Deal 80-280% attack damage by countering an enemy attack
  • Steel Protection I-X: 5-30 percentage points increase in Block Rate
  • Perilous Presence I-X: Fights start with aggro
  • Brimming Spirit I-X: Arts generate 20%-45% more aggro

Universal Gems

  • Disperse Bloodlust I-X: 20%-45% reduction in aggro generated by Arts
  • Empowered Combo I-X: 25%-75%increase in damage dealt when canceling
  • Ironclad I-X: 100-1500 increase in HP
  • Doublestrike I-X: 15%-40% more chance to strike twice per auto-attack
  • Steady Striker I-X: Auto-attack interval by 15%-40%

To use these gems, you need to press X, go to the Character Tab, and then to the Gems section to add gems to your slots. Need more help? See Soldier Husk Explained, Rest Spots, Outfits List.

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