A full arsenal is what you need if you are playing XCOM: Chimera Squad, to keep your hold over City 31. It is almost impossible to win many battles in the game if you do not have the choicest weapons. Our XCOM: Chimera Squad guide will give you a complete rundown of all the weapons available in the game and the necessary info attached to them.

XCOM: Chimera Squad Base Weapons

Four base weapons are available in the game which is categorized according to your agents’ class. A particular class can only be equipped with particular weapons. So here is a list to help you know which weapons go with which agent, and some basic info about the weapon itself.

Weapons Agents who can use it Ammo size Damage


Blueblood, Cherub 5 3-4
Assault Rifle Patchwork, Shelter, Verge


4 3-5
Submachine Gun


Terminal, Torque 4 3-5
Shotgun Axiom, Claymore, Godmother


3 4-6

XCOM: Chimera Squad Special Weapons

These weapons can only be acquired in specific locations in the game or you receive them in return for task completion. The following are these special weapons and their details.

Weapon Ammo Size Damage Perk Unlocking
Surly Constant 5 4-6 Hail of Bullets: Shot accuracy is 100% Bought for 90 Intel from Scavenger’s Market
Artful Fathom 5 Lightning Hands: It allows you a free shot without consumption of Action Points Bought for 105 Intel from Scavenger’s Market

Enhancing your Weapons

Your weapons can receive an enhancement upgrade in Assembly. Enhancing our weapons will increase damage amount and ammo clip size and you will be able to reload less with all the more damage. But do not take the process to be that easy, as it will cost you 55 Elerium per upgrade and six days for the completion. But the wait and money are certainly worth it, for the improvement it brings in your battle skills.


Upgrades are not the only thing that makes your weapons more effective. Equipping them with mods will also make your arms serve you even better. Mods are equipped and changed through the Supply menu. Enter it, select your weapon, and equip it with two different mods. The Modular Weapons research in Assembly is a pre-requisite for mod equipping.

You will acquire mods during missions or as rewards and you can even purchase them from the Scavenger’s Market or Assembly.  But be aware that these are not confirmed sources and you will come across mod randomly through the game. Similar to weapons, mods also come with base versions and then go up to advanced and superior versions as the game progresses which will provide you with bigger bonuses.

That is all for our XCOM: Chimera Squad Weapons guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how to enable the ironman difficulty. You can learn more about the game from our XCOM: Chimera Squad guides hub.

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