With the release of XCOM Chimera Squad the developers have added three new enemy factions. In this guide, we will explain everything we know about the new enemy factions added to the XCOM Universe. We will also talk about how to do investigations related to those factions.


XCOM Chimera Squad Factions

There are three new factions in the game which The Progeny, Sacred Coil, and Gray Pheonix. Once you manage to complete the starting sections of XCOM Chimera Squad you will come to know more about these factions. You will have to complete investigation activities to find out if any of these factions planted the bomb. You can only investigate one faction at a time so you will have to complete all story missions related to the faction before you can move on to the next.

How to Investigate Factions

You can use the investigation menu to track the progress of your faction investigations.

  • Investigation Log: Tracks the most important events of the ongoing investigation.
  • Faction Leadership: Shows the identity of the faction leader once the Chimera Squad finds out who he is.
  • Dark Events:  Explains the current story mission associated with the faction you’re investigating.
  • Active Operation:  Shows the title and description of the ongoing story mission for the faction you’re investing.

Look at the map to locate the faction missions. All of the faction missions from XCOM Chimera Squad all marked in purple on the map. Every first mission of these factions allows you to get familiar with the faction. There are two primary ways to take on the story missions. Some of the missions require a waiting period so you will have to wait a few days. While you wait, you can start other story missions for XCOM Chimera Squad. Completing certain story missions speed up the process of unlocking the most important ones.

As you progress further in the game you will be asked to choose how to investigate further. No matter what you choose, the outcome doesn’t change in the finale. The change happens in the upcoming Dark Events in the story missions. The final part of an investigation is to find out who is the leader of the faction you’re investigating. Once you find out the truth of who it is, complete the remaining purple missions. Eventually, you will unlock the “Take Down Mission” which results in you taking down the faction. You can stun or kill the character.

That’s the end of the XCOM Chimera Squad Factions guide. If you need more help with the game check out the XCOM Chimera Squad Wiki.