Our XCOM Chimera Squad Console Commands Guide will help you with how you can enable the console and will list all of the commands along with their effects.

How To Use Cheats And Console Commands

How to play the XCOM Chimera Squad is the player’s own choice. Some players like to play games the way they are intended others use mods or console commands to make this more interesting or enjoyable.

XCOM Chimera Squad has a number of cheats or console commands of its own that players can use to get a helping hand. In this guide, we’ll help you with how to use these console commands.

How To Enable Console

Before Chimera Squad players can use console commands they need to activate the console first. However, activating the console varies depending on if you are launching the game from Steam or directly from a shortcut.

For steam, right-click on the game > properties > set launch options > type “-allowconsole” and press ok. This will enable the console.

If you are launching the game using the game’s desktop shortcut, then right-click on the shortcut > properties. In the target field, there will be the path of the game’s exe, you just need to add “-allowconsole” at the end of it. Apply it and the console will be enabled.

Now, when you launch the game, press the Tilde, located to the left of 1, and the console will open and you can enter the console commands you want to use.

Console Commands

The following are all of the console commands for the XCOM Chimera Squad along with their effects.

  • GiveItem AimUpgrade_Sup 10 – Player gains 10 scope upgrades
  • GiveItem APRounds 10 – Player gains 10 AP rounds
  • GiveItem ClipsizeUpgrade_Sup 10 – Player gains 10 extended magazine upgrades
  • GiveItem Medikit 10 – Player gets 10 medkits
  • GiveItem MissDamageUpgrade_Sup 10 – Player gets 10 stock upgrades
  • GiveItem VenomRounds 10 – Player gains 10 venom rounds
  • GiveResource credits 100 – Player gets 100 credits
  • GiveResource intel 100 – Players get 100 Intel
  • GiveResources elerium 100 – Players gain 100 Elerium

That is all for our XCOM Chimera Squad Console Commands Guide with tips on how to enable the console and how to use console commands. For more on the game, also see our Armor Guide and Weapons Guide.

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