Armor is essential to you while playing XCOM: Chimera Squad, same as any weapon, as they will protect you and will lengthen your survival in this adventure-packed game. Chimera Squad is quite a challenging game and having extra health points will have you go a long way. In this XCOM Chimera Squad Armor guide, we have a complete list of armor available in the game and a bit of detail about each of them.

All Armor In XCOM: Chimera Squad

The armors meant for your agents have three different levels. Armor upgrades will increase the level of protection your agent has and also the slots for utility items so your agent has ample equipment to uphold in various situations. Just as with weapons, you can equip your armors with different mods. The following are the details of each armor you can have.

Basic Body Armor

This armor is the one you will get in the beginning and it isn’t a very strong one. It gives minimum protection and has none of the stat perks or bonuses. You also cannot equip it with mods. Hence this thing is pretty basic.

Modular Armor

The Modular Armor is the first of the upgrades in your agents’ armor. Researched at Assembly for twenty-five Elerium, this armor also does not offer much where stat bonuses and perks are concerned. However, it does unlock the useful ability to equip your agents with two mods.

Enhanced Body Armor

This armor is researched at Assembly for seventy Elerium. This will be the first of the armor in the game which offers increased protection. When an agent of yours is equipped with this armor, they will gain dual health bars, can be equipped with two mods and your Utility Item slot quantity will rise to two.

Mastercrafted Body Armor

The Mastercrafted Body Armor is researched at Assembly for a whopping hundred and twenty-five Elerium, and certainly, this is the best one you will come across in the game.

Your agents’ health bar and Utility Item Slots will be increased to 3 with this armor, so it is certainly worth equipping all your agents with. This armor will surely help you survive effectively through the game.

So here are all the armor in XCOM: Chimera Squad and the info we could give you about them. Make use of them and you will find your survivability meter rising higher!

That is all for our XCOM Chimera Squad Armor guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our weapons guide. You can learn more about the game from our XCOM: Chimera Squad guides hub.

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