Xbox Series X Release Will Not Be Delayed Even If Launch Titles Are

Xbox Series X Release

Xbox Series X is going to release before the end of the year. Xbox boss Phil Spencer talked about the upcoming Xbox Series X in a recent interview and he talked about the release of the Xbox Series X.

Spencer mentioned that the launch of the Xbox Series X is on track. He talked about the safety and security of the team is the most important thing at this time keeping in mind the coronavirus outbreak. People are under lockdown right now and everyone is working from home. In such times making and delivering a console is not easy.

Xbox Series X Release Is On Track

Spencer mentioned that he has his own Xbox Series X at home and he has been testing the console. He also mentioned that the different teams also have their own Xbox Series X consoles and they are testing as well. Spencer talked about everything being on track and that the Xbox Series X should release on the promised date.

Xbox Series X Release

IGN asked him if he would roll out the Xbox Series X from region to region. Spencer replied by saying that such a launch would hurt the Xbox Series X. This means that the Xbox Series X will release across the world on the same day.

In terms of hardware and software integration, he mentioned that the home software is supposed to be complete by the time the Xbox Series X comes to the market. He stated that he did not want to ship the Xbox Series X with half baked software.

Xbox Series X Will Not Be Held Back Due To Individual Games

Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated games of the year and it also happens to be one of the launch titles for Xbox Series X. Phil Spencer confirmed that the Xbox Series X will not be delayed for individual games and that includes Halo Infinite as well. This means that the Xbox Series X launch will not be delayed if games such as Halo Infinite are delayed.

Let us know what you think about the Xbox Series X and whether or not you are interested in getting one of these consoles later on this year when it comes out.

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