Xbox Scarlett Allows Developers To Create “Bigger Worlds”

Xbox Scarlett

Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console, Xbox Scarlett, is releasing during the Holiday Season of 2020. With its release, we will step into a new era of video game development. The sheer power under the hood and architecture used to create Xbox Scarlett means developers can do so much more with future titles.

Speaking with Xbox Magazine, Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg stressed on what developers can do. For one thing, with next-generation games, developers can create “bigger worlds.”

You give all that (CPU. SSD, GPU), and more memory, and more power and everything to developers and they create bigger worlds. They can use all of those technical capabilities to come up with things that we haven’t even thought of. So that’s always exciting too, what people do with the tech and how they think about maximizing that. SO that’s the part we’ll have to wait and find out!”

Greenberg confirmed that Microsoft is working with various third-party developers for Xbox Scarlett games. “We’ve met with all of them,” he said.

The Xbox team is already “deep into engaging with development partners.” Microsoft has sent out development kits and discussed specs with teams across the globe.

Xbox Scarlett is scheduled to release sometime in 2020 and so far, there are a couple of games we know about that are in development.

A new Forza Horizon game is coming from Playground Games. Former Rockstar Games developer joined  Playground Games to work on what we think is Forza Horizon 5.

Meanwhile, the same studio is working on a “next-gen” RPG game for Xbox Scarlett. Many industry veterans are on-board its development team as well.