Microsoft came with Xbox and its five over-the-top consoles that have been the mainstream in the gaming community for many years. Despite being a sell-out and one of the many preferred gaming consoles, it is not without errors. And to be exact, in our post, we will be dealing with one of the most common errors, Error Code 80153048. So if you’ve found yourself in a pickle, do not worry; our list of solutions will surely get you out of this inconvenience in no time.

Xbox Error Code 80153048 Explained

To understand the entirety of the issue, we need to set the ground as to when you found this error occurring. Most players have been facing the issue while purchasing or redeeming codes in the Microsoft Store. They’re met with a notice stating, “Can’t retrieve information from Xbox Live. Please try again later. Status code: 80153048”. For most players, it has been a common trend in the Xbox 360; however, it is not rare to be met with this error in the other consoles like Xbox Series X too.

With all the technicalities and the headache in finding the source of the error, we will save you the hassle and provide you with ways you can solve the error at hand on your own and hopefully get back to your gaming experience in no time. We’re positive that you’ll find at least one that works out for you.

Hard Resetting Your Xbox

If you don’t already know, hard resetting is nothing but simply refreshing your Xbox system that may have been running for quite a while resulting in errors. As simple as this step is, it is necessary to rule out the basic issues first. To do so, simply press the power button on your Xbox for 5-10 seconds. It will result in your Xbox shutting down. After that, turn it back on and you may find it error-free.

Internet Connection

Another basic issue like the previous one is to rule out the factor of whether your Xbox console is receiving a proper internet connection on its end or not. Do not take a good connection on other electronic devices as a confirmation for a perfect connection on your Xbox too. It may not be the case, as you’ll find out soon. To uncover that, head on to the “System Settings” by pressing the Xbox Guide button on your controller, tap on “System Settings”, tap “Network Settings”, choose the network of your console, and finally select “Test Xbox Live Connection” followed by a “Yes”. At the end of the process, you’ll be presented with the status of your internet connection on your console.

Xbox Live Service Availability Confirmation

What’s a console without its live features? Like many other gaming consoles, Xbox is not at the rear when it comes to providing online features like online multiplayer access, being connected with friends online through chatting services, streaming, and much more. To make sure whether your personal Xbox console is up to the marl with live service availability or not, simply head to the Official Xbox Status Support page. On it, you’ll be met with your Xbox Status to verify the availability of your network services. If you fall upon unavailability, do not worry, as all you’ll have to do is standby until live services are resumed.

Xbox Support

If it comes down to the point where none of the previously listed solutions work for you, you can definitely feel assured to check out the services of the reputable official Xbox Support. Relay the entirety of your issue with maximum details to their team and they’ll surely curate for you a way out of this issue.

It is not uncommon to face errors like the Error Code 80153048 on your Xbox. Neither is there any need for panic. All you’ll have to recognize is that many users come face to face with such issues on a daily and there are credible ways to get to a solution that comes in handy. No gaming console is made ideally and without faults, despite their great success and expanding sales. So do not hesitate to follow through with the steps as we give you the assurance that you’ll be out of the issue in no time.

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