“Xapofx1_1.DLL is Missing” is a common error for many Windows users when they launch a game. The reason why this happens is that the users haven’t installed the latest version or any version of DirectX on their computers.

Most users face the “Xapofx1_1.DLL is Missing” error and have issues with the graphics file and outdated Windows OS. So before reinstalling the missing DLL, ensure the other two factors are up-to-date. Here is how to fix the “Xapofx1_1.DLL is Missing” error.

Solution: Download a New Copy Of the Missing DLL File

As the “Xapofx1_1.DLL is Missing” error issue pertains to a missing DLL file, we will show you how to download a new copy of that missing DLL to replace it with the old corrupted one. However, it would be wise not to delete the old DLL as other programs or apps might depend on it. To download a new copy of the missing DLL file, follow the steps described next:

First off, head to My Computer Properties and see which version of Windows you use, a 32 or 64-bit version. Then open your web browser and go to the website www.dll-files.com; in the search bar type the name of the missing DLL file and press Enter.

After completing the search, click on the appropriate DLL file and download the 64-bit or 32-bit version according to your Windows OS. Then head on to the location described next: C:\Windows\System32. Next, copy and paste the file there. Finally, restart your computer, and the “Xapofx1_1.DLL is Missing” error will no longer be present.

The “Xapofx1_1.DLL is Missing” error on Windows is a relatively easy and simple issue to tackle. All you need to do is follow the steps detailed above, and you’ll be playing your games without any interruptions in no time.

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