World of Warcraft has many talents and abilities for players to choose from. Each talent provides a different way to play the game, with certain advantages and disadvantages. You can make your character more powerful in selected areas by choosing their Talent Trees. Sometimes players may want to reset their talents in order to change up their playstyle or try out a new specialization. Resetting your talents can also be useful if you’re switching between different roles. You can also reset your talents if you want to experiment with a new build or tweak an existing build. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to reset talents in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

There are two types of talent trees available in WoW:

  • Class Abilities: The Class Abilities provide you with multiple choices for your build, including customizable options to share with others playing the same class. You also have more utility options available.
  • Specialization Tree: You can use the Specialization tree to choose abilities that fit your character’s role. Thus, to gain points back, you need to unlearn a few Talents.

To reset the Talents in WoW Dragonflight, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Run Your Game and Select the Talent Trees Option
  • The list of all Talents will appear in front of you.
  • To unlearn a talent, hover your mouse over the talent you want to remove and then right-click.
  • To reset your entire Talent tree, simply right-click on the topmost ability. This will also reset any abilities that are below it in the tree.
  • To create a new build, click on the “Reset All Talents” button.
  • You cannot do that during PvP matches, Active Combat, and Mythic+ Dungeons; however, you can do it outside the Rested Areas.

Moreover, You gain points as your level increases, which can be spent on any tree. There are three sections to the talent tree, each with its own point requirement. For example, the fourth row requires 8 points, and the seventh row requires 20 points. As a result, you can create customized builds according to your needs.

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