So Wolfenstein Youngblood is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game has a few issues that need to be patched but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is really fun. Apart from slaying Nazi’s in the story mode, you can hunt collectibles in Wolfenstein Youngblood. There are multiple areas you can explore in the game including Riverside, Catacombs, Detention Area, Der Nachtfalter.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Collectibles

Our Wolfenstein Youngblood Collectibles guide will explore all areas to find Floppy Disks, Readables, Cassette Tapes, Cover UVK, Concepts, and 3D Glasses. Consult the images if you are confused by any of the collectible locations.

Der Nachtfalter Collectibles

The following are all the Wolfenstein Youngblood Collectibles that you can find in this area:

Floppy Disks Locations

Der Nachtfalter Door Code —  During the first mission, you will come across a table with a floppy disk and a notepad on it. Use it on any computer to get the code.

Cassette Tapes Locations

Lothar Recording no. 1 — Complete the very first task in the game and along the way you will find the cassette.

Detention Area Collectibles

There are many side missions available in the Detention Area of Wolfenstein Youngblood. You will visit this area often so make the most of your visit and grab the local collectibles. The following section is focused on Youngblood Detention Area Collectibles which are hidden all over this area.

Floppy Disks Locations

Floppy Disk 1 — You can find one floppy disk in the tower but the door leading to it can only be opened with a Dieselkraftwerk weapon.

Floppy Disk 2 — Complete the silent Outpost Operation and you’ll end up in the building. On the 3rd floor of the building, you must find a desk which, among many things, has a floppy place on it. It is the same desk as the old TV on it which isn’t hard to.

Readables Locations

Jacqueline’s Note — Head to the third floor of the building in the detention area and locate a bookshelf. There are a bunch of old books on it and the second floor of the bookshelf you will find the note.

Publisher’s Rejection Letter — While you are performing Operation The Silent Outpost you’ll come across a computer. There is text beside it which you can collect.

Die Neue Wahrheit article no.9 — During The Silent Outpost operation, you must find a desk with an old school lamp on it. There are some coins and text here for you to find.

Anonymous Diary — In one room there is a colorful children’s duvet. On the windowsill beside the duvet, you’ll find the diary.

Adler’s Final Words — Look for a small desk beside the TV cabinet. You’ll find a note here.

Die Neue Wahrheit article no.12 — Go to the room full of cards where you’ll find a green radio and cassette. There is also a newspaper on a desk here.

Oleg’s Note — Go to the room with the dead man inside. There is a note next to a computer on the table.

Die Neue Wahrheit article no.10 — There is a newspaper in the tower but the door leading to it can only be opened by a Dieselkraftwerk weapon.

Military Ordnance List — There is a list which can be found between the two metal containers. The list is very easy to spot on the containers.

Die Neue Wahrheit article no.11 —  There is a wall with a red box near it. You will find a newspaper here.

Cassette Tapes Locations

Golden Oldies: The New Order no. 1 — Right on the table of the enemy there is a black tape between books.

Lothar Recording no.3 — There is cassette on the windowsill of one of the buildings. You can see the entire area from the window so the location isn’t hard to find.

Resistance Log: Political Detention Area 4 — In one of the rooms there is a green radio and a cassette tape next to it.

Die Kollektion von Tregenza no.3 — There is another cassette in the bus driver’s office.

Cover UVK Locations

The Moonbase PEGU Elite Documentary — You can find this in the TV cabinet.

Wilhelm Strasse PEGA Elite Documentary — There is another cassette on the ammunitions box next to a gun.

Irene Engel PEGU Elite Documentary —  You will find this on the bookcase behind the skin-colored leather couch.

Venus Das Treibhas Projekt — On the desk full of mech designs you’ll find the cassette.

There are 3D Glasses and Concepts in this location as well. We will update the guide with more locations soon.

Catacombs Collectibles

There are no floppy disks and concepts in the Catacombs.

Readables Locations

Anais’ Note — There is a note near the subway bar next to a few beers.

Juju’s Dairy — Go to the doctor’s office and you will find a readable on a table next to some tools.

Juju’s Speech Notes — Go to the doctor’s table and you will see a document on it.

Uncle Kareem’s Letter — Find numerous green screens in this area. There is a readable on the wall next to them.

Abby’s Note — There is a readable on the control panels near the green screens.

Die Noue Wahrheit article no.4 — There is another readable next to the green screens to the left of the control panels.

Anais’ Journal — Go to the subway and you will find a table with chess on it. There is a readable here to find.

Die Noue Wahrheit article no.3 — There is a newspaper on the first-aid station.

Die Noue Wahrheit article no.5 — Locate the table with wine and candles on it. There is a readable on the table.

Shopping List — In the middle of the catacombs, you will see two barrels. There is a shopping list on the top of the barrels.

Maria’s Note — Inside the subway, there is a metal shelf. A note is attached to it.

Cassette Tapes Locations

Itlegal Bootleg —  There is a table with playing cards on it and a yellow cartridge.

Resistance Log: Elite Hans — When you enter the subway there is a rack with a damaged TV on it. Pick up the tape on the middle shelf.

Golden Oldies: The Old Blood no.1 — On your friend’s desk you will find a tape.

3D Glasses Locations

Cyber Pilot — In the subway go to the room where there is a lot of food. There is a small table with bread and cheese on it and underneath it, you’ll find a pair of 3D glasses.

Jacques — One of the subway makeshift beds there is a pair of 3D glasses hidden in the pillow.

Male Resistance Fighter — There is another pair on the skull in the subway, near the candles.

Skiff — There is a boat in the subway with 3D glasses on it.

Abby — There is a stack of barrels at the top of the subway, one of the barrels has glasses on it.

Juju — In the doctor’s office there is a pair in the first-aid box.

Famale Resistance Fighter — At the center of the subway there is an open box with a pair of glasses inside.

Grand Piano — There is a metal cabinet at the top of the subway with glasses inside.

Elite Hans Arcade Machine — There are glasses on a metal shelf in the subway.

Cover UVK Locations

America: The New Order — There is a cover next to the TV on the subway.

Kader Buddies — In one of the rooms in the subway, next to a TV you’ll find a cover.

Der Franzosische Koch — In the subway, there is a shelf with a red glow around it. You will find a cover here.

Pink Mist — Next to the red sign in the subway you will find a cover.

Riverside Collectibles

The following are all the Wolfenstein Youngblood Collectibles that you can find in this area:

Floppy Disks Locations

Train station storage room — You to the storage room with the weapons of mass destruction. Near the crates, there is a floppy disk.

Riverside Gestapo crates secured — On the left side of the square, there is building with a computer in it. You will fight enemies here during the second mission. You can remove the disk from the computer.

Rooftop sniping spot — Near the entrance to the subway you find another disk on top of the box.

Readables Locations

Therese’s Letter — There is a letter inside a mailbox outside. It is a yellow mailbox and the letter is sticking out of it.

Winkler’s Note — Before entering the subway there is a tunnel, locate the chair in this location and there is a readable on it.

Fischer’s Note — Go to the restaurant near the metro entrance. There is a readable on the table which has a mustard bottle on it.

Lutz’s Bucket List — At the entrance of the subway, there is a bench with a readable on it.

Angelique’s Letter — At the exit of the building there is a green bicycle with a document on it.

Gustav’s Diary — There is one more readable on the shelf near the shoes. There are crates and piles of clothes.

Die Neue Wahrheit article no. 2 — At the beginning of the second mission after the fight, explore the area. There is a document on the side shelf opposite a box with health points.

Die Neue Wahrheit article no. 1 — There is another document after the fight during the second mission. It is near the ammunition crates.

Cassette Tapes Locations

Resistance Log: Neu-Paris Streets — In a block during the second mission there is tape on a 3-seater sofa.

Die Kollektion von Tregenza not.1 — There is a room to the left of the square where you fight in the second mission. You will find a tape on a cabinet that has jumper cables on it.

Cover UVK Locations

Die Putzer — This one is a bit hard to reach as you need to double jump to reach the roof. From there reach the apartment attic.

Der Golem — There is building to the left of the battlefield. You will see a box outside the building in front of a white window.

3D Glasses Locations

Destroyed Escape Pod — There is bus outside the entrance of the subway. There is a pair of 3D glasses in it.

Neosoldat — On the nightstand among the trenches.

Sushi Buffet Table — There is a restaurant near the entrance of the metro. Inside find the table with a mustard bottle on it which also has a pair of glasses.

Soph Texas Outfit — Right by the door that leads to the next location there is a pair of glasses near a crate on top of a small cache box.

General Winkie — Immediately after enter the second mission location there is a pair on the floor.

Jess Texas Outfit — Look for the computer with information about the collections in Wolfenstein Youngblood. There is a table next to it with glasses that are highly visible.

Zeppelin Bollon Cart — Explore the roofs of houses and you will find a pair next to propaganda posters.

Casino Robot — During the Riverside mission, you will come across the shop window. Break it and retrieve the glasses.

Concepts Locations

Riverside pt. I 1 — During the Riverside mission, you will find a crate on the roof of one of the buildings.

Der Nachtfalter pt. II — A crate is in the building during the second story mission. Enter the building through the window.

Der Nachtfalter pt. I 1 — Crate is in a small room hidden behind bars. Break down the bars with your crash ability to enter.

Little Berlin Collectibles

The following are all the Wolfenstein Youngblood Collectibles that you can find in this area:

Floppy Disks Locations

Access to stockroom —  Find the room with red lights and a bunch of computers. There is a floppy disk here.

Accessing the apartment — You will find another floppy disk next to the ammunition collection.

Readables Locations

Gestapo Confession From — In the same red room you found the floppy, you’ll find a readable as well.

Johann’s Dreams Diary — Another readable is on the German General’s desk.

Cassette Tapes Locations

Lab X — Next to the speech venue you will find another tape.

3D Glasses Locations

Drohne — There is a small passageway in Little Berlin where you will find glasses. You’ll need to jump over a room over one of the paths.

Minivan — Inside a small room on top of a red metal crate.

There are more collectibles on these locations, we will update our guide.

If you are interested in learning more about the game then be sure to check out our guides on the bosses in the game and how you can play the game in co-op with a friend.

This marks the end of our Wolfenstein Youngblood Collectibles guide.