A Wolfenstein game can’t be complete without having boss fights and Wolfenstein Youngblood is no exception. There are a few main bosses in the game like General Winkler and General Lothar and our Wolfenstein Youngblood Bosses Guide will help you defeat them.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Bosses

Bosses are supposed to be tough and challenging and bosses in Wolfenstein Youngblood are no exception. Some of them have weak points while others don’t and you just need to outlive them. In our guide, we will help you with all of the bosses in Wolfenstein Youngblood and will also provide you with tip and tricks on how to defeat them.

How To Beat General Winkler

General Winkler is the first boss you’ll face in Wolfenstein Youngblood. However, this is a rather simple boss fight. General Winkler has all of the abilities that you do like turning partially invisible.

When he turns invisible and escapes, just stay on him and keep shooting as it will temporarily disable his disguise. Avoid lasers as they are quite deadly can kill you quickly.

Also, General Winkler isn’t the only foe you’ll face during the boss fight as he might call reinforcements. But, these are just low-level enemies that can be killed easily.

Given that the arena in which you are fighting is multi-storied, use them when you are low on health or ammo as they’ll be available to pick up on the upper balcony.

When you have dealt enough damage, General Winkler will try to flee outside. Follow him and keep shooting until he loses his balance and will hang on the edge. Shoot his hands and he’ll go flying into the engines.

How To Defeat Ubergarde

You’ll face Ubergarde three times in Wolfenstein Youngblood and all three times the boss remains the same. This is a tough boss fight, as Ubergarde can fire a salvo of missiles, is incredibly armored up from the front and has an automatic laser cannon.

The only weakness this boss has is the power core on its back. What you need to do is sprint behind Ubergarde and shoot the power core. Akimbo guns special Kraftwerk weapons are recommended as they deal more damage to the power core.

You should prioritize having the Dieselkraftwerk in your loadout if you can manage it. Upgrade the Dieselkraftwerk for cluster bombs and you’ll be able to finish this boss fight in just one attack.

If you are one of the players who like to face a challenge upfront, then equip weapons that can pierce through hard armor. Just shoot him until he drops dead.

How To Defeat General Lothar

General Lothar is equipped with power armor suit and can use the same abilities as you. However, before the real boss fight even begins on top of the tower, you’ll face him in two small areas.

On top of the tower, the General Lothar boss fight gets real tough. General Lothar himself will be accompanied by a Nazi jetfighter. Not only that, General Lothar will also call reinforcements once he takes enough damage.

You need to upgrade your assault rifle into a single-shot rifle for precision hits. This will help you bring Lothar down. There are turrets that you can also use up on the catwalks.

Once his jetpack is disabled, General Lothar will fight you on the ground. The best course of action would be to lure him to the catwalks and strafe around the area.

Up on the catwalks, it’ll be difficult for him to track you down and the boss fight becomes a bit easier. If you don’t do that then you just have to shoot and outlive General Lothar as he doesn’t have any weak point. Shoot him until he loses all of his health and he’ll be defeated.

How To Defeat Supersoldaten

If you have the Supersoldat Hunter skill from the Muscle tree then eliminating Supersoldaten will be easier. However, you need to adopt a stealthier approach to eliminate Supersoldaten quickly.

If you fail to stealthily assassinate this boss then here is what you need to do. While facing the Supersoldaten make sure to eliminate weaker enemies first, especially, the commandant as he can bring reinforcements.

Make sure you are stocked up on ammo and health as you need a lot of it. There are two types of Supersoldaten and I will discuss you how to defeat both of them.

Diesel Supersoldat
This type of Supersoldat uses a flamethrower-like weapon, so keep your distance. Bring mid and long-range weapons with you and just keep shooting him until he just dies.

Laser Supersoldaten
This Supersoldaten can quickly take away a lot of your health and armor. Aside from keeping your distance, you also need to run and get behind pillars, corners or any other obstacle as the Laser Supersoldaten prepares to shoot lasers. Just shoot at him and hide when its shoots laser. Eventually, the Laser Supersoldaten will drop dead.