Wolfenstein: Youngblood is more than just shooting Nazis along your way. There are skills and abilities to be acquired and here we will discuss Wolfenstein Youngblood Best Skills and abilities, how to get them, and how they work.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Best Skills

In Wolfenstein Youngblood, skills and abilities play an important role. Throughout your gameplay, you will encounter different types of enemies and there will some that require specific weapons, skills or abilities to take them down.

While I won’t be discussing the best weapons here but, I will explain the best Wolfenstein Youngblood Skills And abilities that will help you throughout the game. But first, let’s discuss how the skills actually work in Wolfenstein Youngblood.

How To Acquire Skills

Skills can be bought with ability points. These ability points are acquired through completing main missions and side missions. You can check which mission rewards how much ability points in your journal. Skills are divided into three categories namely: Mind, Muscle and Power.

Muscle Skills
These skills are all about the raw strength like fighting, armor, carrying heavy weapons and ammo capacity. There are four trees for Muscle skills and each tree is specific to one attribute and each tree has 4 tiers.

The first tree increases your max armor, which is helpful given that enemies tend to hit back hard in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. The second tree increases your ammo capacity, which is necessary as you’ll need a lot of bullets to take down tough enemies.

The third tree makes your throwable weapons more dangerous. The fourth and final tree grants you the ability to carry heavy weapons dropped by enemies.

Mind Skills
Mind skills focus on movements, locating and your partner’s health. This also has four trees and each tree has four tiers. The first tree focusses on reviving your sister and Pep Signals.

The second tree increases your max health. The third tree is dedicated to finding and looting like ammo, health, and the armor dropped by enemies. The fourth tree is dedicated to movement while crouching, sidestepping and more.

Power Skills
Power skills only have two trees. Both trees improve the Cloak and Crush abilities. However, after completing all three Brother Tower raids a third power will unlock, God Key. It’s a very useful power but I won’t be explaining it to avoid spoilers.

Best Skills

The following are the best skills in Wolfenstein Youngblood that will help you the most throughout the game.

Super-Kinetic Throw and Blade Annihilator: Both of these are Muscle skills.  These skills make your throwable weapons more powerful. These skills will make your grenades knock down an enemy and will explode afterward. This is applicable to all of the throwable weapons.

Supersoldat Hunter: This is a Mind Power which allows players to stealthily take down stronger enemies. Taking out stronger enemies out before the fight starts will help you a lot as they are difficult to take down with bullets.

Far Grabber: This is also a mind power but a tier 3 one. This will allow you to pick up ammo, armor, and health without much effort.

Health and Armor: Health is a mind skill and Armor is a muscle skill. Upgrade entire trees for these skills as each is increased by 25 for each tier. These stack up to 200 and are very useful in combat.

Crush, Brawler, Two-Time Crush, and Quake Crusher: This is basically the entire tree of Crush in Power skills. This will help you knock down enemies and make them explode just by running into them.

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These are the best skills and abilities in Wolfenstein Youngblood that will help you a lot in combat and stealth alike.