Once you are done with the main quests of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem you are granted the regent rank in the town of Stormfall. Wolcen players can make upgrades to Stormfall to get various bonuses such as 5th skill,  additional gold, primordial affinity, a liability point, and more but there is no housing. In our Wolcen Stormfall upgrades guide we will discuss tips to set you in the right end game path.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Stormfall Upgrades

The nobles in the region have appointed the player regent of Stormfall. From there on the player will have complete freedom to do whatever to reconstruct the town of Stormfall. But since nobles are cheap and won’t pay for the upgrades, it’s up to the new regent to pay out of pocket for all Stormfall upgrades. It sounds like a lot of expense, which it is, but in the end, you will get plenty of benefits and once all upgrades are made you will be a rich man. However, to make all required Stormfall upgrades in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem you need to spend tens of hours farming.

Farm Gold and Primordial Affinity

The main storyline is just the tip of the ice burg for Wolcen players. The end game is where the real fun begins which is why we never recommend spending too much Gold and Primordial Affinity during the campaign. These in-game currencies will limit your efforts to rebuild the town of Stormfall and make the required upgrades. Spending too much Gold and PA would only give you temporary benefits so pretty much like The Division 2 and Destiny 2 where the story mode doesn’t matter, it doesn’t really matter in Lords of Mayhem as well. The end game is where it’s at!

Items and gems will replace quickly and upgrading your skills in levels is pretty much a waste of time because they usually end up being more or less fixed on the player’s level. Even if the player takes a new level 1 skill, or if they spend everything on the same skill. Having a ton of Gold and Primordial Affinity is useful when you unlock Stormfall World of Champion when the end game begins.

If you are already close to the end of the game, watch how much you spend, sell items you don’t need or items with low-level gems. Also, favor buildings that increase the gold yield. There are other things you can do to farm gold and farm Primordial Affinity.

The Right Order of Things

During your time in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem you will quickly realize that some buildings must be created first to move on to bigger better projects. The game forces you to start with the Stormfall Palace – Training Facilities. It is marked with a yellow icon at the top right corner. From there you will spend time working on various productivity upgrades as well as improvements to the palace – Planning Committee. The combination of the two will let you improve several aspects at the same time without needing hours of grind. The next step is to restore the Seekers Garrison, the Renovate Shipyard, and the Primordial Institue. The combination of the three will help you get better projects that get your more gold and Primordial Affinity.

From there you can work on projects that offer character bonuses, Stormfall Institue West should be on top of that list as it will unlock your 5th skill.

Optimize Your Upgrades

The goal is to improve Basic Productivity and one way to do that is complete mandates and expeditions. By doing these you will advance one turn you can increase the difficulty to apply multipliers. The higher the level of any given expeditions the higher the production multiplier will be so expect additional rewards. Adding up to 5 mods to 2500 Gold will multiply it. This is also true for continuing the expedition in the next levels. This move will improve the multiplier as well as unlock higher level expeditions. The goal should be to get to level 100 expeditions with huge multipliers. Also, keep an eye on the Stormfall management screen to improve overall productivity. There are some productivity bonus missions from the Search  Barracks and other locations buildings that give you a productivity bonus of +25%. All renovated buildings also offer productivity bonuses. What you need to keep in mind that it is best to have multiple projects at the same time as Productivity applies to all of them simultaneously. These are pretty much all of the Wolcen Stormfall upgrades tips you need to know, hope this helps.

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