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Wolcen Pacified Experiment P90 Boss, How to Beat, Location


When playing Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, players will encounter the formidable Pacified Experiment P90 boss in Act 3. This boss fight consists of a giant mech and a weaker demon called Ydrael. To overcome this challenge successfully, it’s essential to grasp the different types of attacks used by the Pacified Experiment and devise a winning strategy.

Pacified Experiment Attacks and Counters

Understanding the various types of attacks used by the Pacified Experiment is key to defeating Pacified Experiment P90. Here are the different attack patterns employed by this formidable boss:

  1. Electrical Charge: The Pacified Experiment embodies itself in electricity and charges forward rapidly. However, this charge is preceded by a red visual cue, allowing players to anticipate and avoid the attack.
  2. Laser Beam: The boss charges and fires a laser beam on a marked zone. Keep an eye out for the visual indicator and quickly move away from the targeted area to avoid taking damage.
  3. Ground Pound: The Pacified Experiment lifts its arm and charges a laser beam, slamming it into the ground after a few seconds. This impact leaves several electricity orbs suspended in the air, posing a threat to players. Be sure to dodge these orbs to avoid unnecessary damage.
  4. Multi-directional Attack: This attack is marked by four red cue paths, creating an energy shock that inflicts damage in the designated areas. Stay vigilant and swiftly move away from the marked zones to minimize the impact.

To defeat the Pacified Experiment, anticipate these attacks and react accordingly.

Pacified Experiment Strategy

The Pacified Experiment boss fight can be challenging, but with the right strategy, you can emerge triumphant. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you overcome this formidable encounter:

  1. Survive Multiple Enemy Waves: Before the boss fight begins, you’ll need to survive several waves of enemies. The last wave triggers the Pacified Experiment battle. While dealing with these waves, remember to conserve your resources and avoid unnecessary risks.
  2. Focus on the Giant Robot: Once the boss fight commences, prioritize your attacks on the Pacified Experiment. While the demon Ydrael may also be present, it poses a lesser threat and can be treated as a regular enemy.
  3. Interpret the Visual Cues: The Pacified Experiment’s attacks are preceded by red visual cues on the ground. Pay close attention to these indicators and react swiftly. If you notice a red cue path, move away from the designated area to avoid taking damage.
  4. Utilize Attack Windows: After dodging the boss’s attacks, seize the opportunity to unleash your own offensive maneuvers. Attack windows often appear after or during the Pacified Experiment’s devastating moves. Take advantage of these moments to deal significant damage.
  5. Melee-Focused Characters: If you’re playing a melee-focused character, approach the boss when you’re outside the danger zone. Take advantage of the attack windows to land powerful blows. However, if you’re playing a ranged character, maintain distance and continue attacking from afar, while dodging the boss’s moves.

After successfully defeating the Pacified Experiment, players can anticipate receiving randomized loot as a reward. While the exact items you receive are completely random, there is a guarantee of obtaining at least a few Epic gear items, indicated by their yellow color. These Epic gear items have the potential to significantly enhance your character’s power and capabilities.

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