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Wolcen Mercy Boss, How to Beat, Location

As you progress through the second act of Wolcen Lords of Mayhem, you will eventually come face to face with Mercy, a boss who will put your skills to the test. It’s important to note that Mercy is accompanied by allies, similar to Justicer Azenhal, right from the beginning of the fight, so your first priority should be to eliminate them to prevent any interference.

Mercy possesses a range of devastating attacks. One of his signature moves is to move around the map by using jumps. Not only does this make him difficult to track, but it also serves as a means to stun you. Be prepared to dodge his jumps and avoid getting stunned, as this can leave you vulnerable to his onslaught.

Another dangerous move Mercy uses is his rapid spinning attack. This not only deals substantial damage but also allows him to quickly maneuver across the battlefield. Make sure to keep your distance and be ready to react swiftly to avoid being caught in his whirlwind of destruction.

Wolcen Mercy Boss Fight Tips.

How to Beat Mercy in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem

To beat Mercy in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem, it’s best to adopt a well-rounded strategy that combines both offensive and defensive moves. Here are some key tips to help you defeat Mercy:

Target the Allies First

Before focusing your attention on Mercy, prioritize taking out his accompanying allies. By eliminating them early on, you can minimize distractions and concentrate solely on the boss himself. This will give you a better chance of successfully navigating the fight.

Timing is Key

Wait for the opportune moment to strike when he is weakened or vulnerable. This will allow you to do maximum damage. DO NOT get greedy with your offensive and be in and out. Using a raged attack build works great against Mercy but a powerful melee build would do a great job as well if you can manage your excitement.

Dodge and Counter

Mercy’s attacks can deal a ton of damage, but with quick reflexes and precise timing, you can avoid them. Focus on dodging his moves and look for opportunities to counterattack. Stun him whenever possible to create openings for significant damage. Remember, a well-timed dodge can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Use Crowd Control Effects

Using crowd control effects can be highly effective against Mercy. Abilities that immobilize or slow him down can give you valuable breathing room and make it easier to land critical hits.

Wolcen Mercy Boss Fight strategy.

Mercy’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Understanding Mercy’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial when formulating your battle plan. While he is a formidable opponent, he also has vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Here’s what you need to know:


  • High mobility and agility
  • Devastating spinning attacks
  • Quick recovery from stun


  • Vulnerable after his jumps
  • Susceptible to crowd control effects
  • Can be stunned for extended periods

To increase your chances of success in the Mercy boss fight, it’s essential to have upgraded weapons and gear. Make sure to optimize your character build for maximum damage output and survivability. I recommend using our Mage DPS Build.

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