Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Mage DPS Build Guide

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Mage DPS Build Guide

In Wolcen, the game awards the player with flexibility. However, in certain areas you can permanently get stronger should you decide to focus on those areas alone. In the case where you are unhappy with any of your choices, they can be undone for a certain amount of gold. That said, the game at the basic level offers three damage-dealing classes. Melee, Ranged, and Magic. Here we will focus solely on the Mage build. In our Mage DPS Build guide we’ll be sharing best skills, armor details, and more.

Wolcen Mage DPS Build

In Wolcen, you’ll come across something called Gates of Fire. This is a unique perk system that only Wolcen uses. A wheel of nodes is at your disposal that can be rotated and paired up with your favorite tree. For magic the Scholar trees are the best for dealing damage, hence all your focus should be on this tree alone throughout your entire journey.

Mages in Wolcen are versatile and benefit from perks from the Sentinel and Soldier trees as well. After you’ve done working your way through to the second ring of perks, you’ll need to focus now on the Warlock and Cabalist trees.

We have listed the passive skills you will need from each tree to help you create the best Wolcen Mage DPS build.


  • Heightened Concentration: +20% spell damage, +20% ailment damage.
  • Adept: +15% spell casting speed, +10% damage.
  • Emotional Intelligence: +250 maximum willpower and rage.
  • Steadfast: +5% rage cost reduction, +5% willpower cost reduction, +5% to all resistances.


  • Capable: +25% maximum health, +3% rage cost reduction, +3% willpower cost reduction.
  • Unyielding: +25 toughness.
  • Zealous Might: +15% attack damage, +10% critical hit damage.


  • Dominator: +20 willpower on hit.
  • Magical Mastery: +15% spell damage.
  • Strike Like Lightning: +5% move speed, +5% attack speed, +5% spell casting speed.
  • Ravenous Magic: +2% life leech from spell damage.


  • Clarity of Mind: +10% spell cost reduction, +10% spell damage.
  • Crippling Decrepitude: +30% ailment damage, -15% damage that is not damaged over time.
  • Magical Mastery: +15% spell damage.
  • Tormentor: +10% status ailment chance score.

The Best Magic Skills

If you prefer burst damage, you’ll want to go with abilities like Arctic Spear and Consuming Embers. If you want to lean into the damage over time skills of the Cabalist perk tree then you need spells like Conflagration.

For burst damage, you should focus on the following:

  • Consuming Embers: This is a fireball that explodes with the first thing that it comes in contact with. If you add the Seeking Flame mod you will be able to get a second projectile.
  • Arctic Spear: This is powerful due to the fact that it can amplify its frost damage. Winter’s Grasp first on the enemies and then cast this spell.
  • Tear of Etheliel: This drops a huge ice chunk on the enemy.
  • Annihilation: Shoots a giant laser from your hands. Modified with Pressure of Time and this will be your go-to damage dealing spell. The pressure of Time will allow you to use a second beam.
  • Aether Jump: This adds the one thing that a Mage lacks, Mobility. use this to get yourself out of a tight spot.
  •  Notes on Gear: You will want to look for gear in both weapons and armor that can stack spell damage, critical chance, wisdom and ailment chance. You can even use life leach if you use the sustained damage spells.

This marks the end of our Wolcen Mage DPS Build guide. If you need more help also check out our Bleeding Edge melee build guide. Update: We just finalized another Mage build that focuses on ranged attacks and projectile damage. Update 2: We have also finalized our Gun Mage Build.

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