Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem Naaralog Guide: How To Beat

Wolcen Naaralog

You encounter Naaralog, who is a mini-boss in the first act of this game during the Battleborns quest. This Wolcen guide will walk you through the attacks Naaralog has and the most appropriate strategies to counter them.

How To Beat Naaralog In Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem

Naaralog’s main attack is a jump attack. It allows him to fluidly change his position along with stunning you.


Naaralog swings his weapons on several occasions during a fight which has a huge range. In order to avoid this attack, you must move to a safer distance.


He has the ability to swing for as long as a few seconds while doing the swing attack. This attack also needs to be avoided by moving away.

Wolcen Naaralog

Now the best strategy to use on Naaralog is to basically avoid his attacks and to target him from the back. You will be in danger of receiving massive amounts of damage so dodging his attacks must be done at all costs. If you have the ability, you can also freeze Naaralog which is a safer way to cause him damage.

So the gist of the encounter is that you need to step away when the boss is trying to attack. You might not be able to beat him on the first try and that is perfectly fine. When you do die, try to understand the patterns of the boss attacks and you will be able to take him out in a few tries.

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