Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Oracle Flame mage build focuses on using Fire to damage enemies from the distance. In our Oracle Flame ranged mage build for Wolcen we will explain how to create this build.


Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Oracle Flame Mage Build

This Wolcen Mage build focuses on consuming embers to damage a large group of enemies and even bosses but from a ranged position. Don’t worry though this build works fine at close range as well. The fireball cast is considered a projectile and the player can use this to his advantage. You can find many different passive skills in the Gates of Fates skill tree that increase projectile damage. You can combine these with Skills that boost your Spell Damage the player can make consuming embers hit for a decent amount of damage.

Consuming Embers

  • Willpower cost 73:  Summon a fireball and launch it in a straight line in front of you.
  • Spell: Only usable with staves or catalysts
  • Skill Tags: Spell, Projectile

You can consume embers in 0.8s and it can launch 3 projectiles at a time. The attack has a piercing range of 6m (piece strength: 2 targets). The average damage is 271, burn stack 1, burn chance 14.1%, and burn duration is 3 seconds.

Staffs also shoot projectiles so they can also get a damage boost from these passive skills. You can double the effectiveness of these passives because the Stass is the weapon type we will be using for our Wolcen Mage Oracle Flame build. When the fight starts you can start with Consuming Embers and keep spamming it until you are out of Willpower. You can then switch back to your Staff to gain some Willpower back. You can alternate between these two and will only be using skills like Aether Jump when required.


What Attributes to Use

When creating a mage build focus on attributes like Agility, Wisdom, and Ferocity. Ferocity is going to boost your crit chance when Consuming Embers and using the Staff. Meanwhile, the agility attribute will boost your Attack Speed and Cast Speed. Last but not the least, Wisdom will increase your Ailment Chance (Burning). Invest in Wisdom later in the game for enemies that don’t die as easily. Wolcen attributes suffer from diminishing returns so alter between Ferocity and agility to mitigate this issue. Both of these attributes help passively boost the damage of Consuming Embers.

What Active Skills to Use

Your Skill bar is where your skills go but what skills are the best ones for this Wolcen mage build. One of the skills you should be using is Consuming Embers of course. We have explained how and why you should be using this skill. You can add the Meteor Shower skill mod to add an extra projectile. Also, add Archion’s Teachings to add even more projectiles. But each addition will span out the projectile slightly. You can take out groups of enemies using this skill and its mods, this also works great on bosses at close range when you hit him with 3 projectiles at once. Arsonists Daydream can be used to reduce Willpower cost when casting this spell, allowing you to spam for longer before you switch to Staff attacks. Use Passives like Passions Aflame and Immolator for additional damage. Down the road pick up Exposing Flames as well. Fractal Reunification is going to boost the damage of Consuming Embers. However, it will cost 3 skill mod points and you’ll need at least 5 before you can use it and Meteor Shower.

Livor Mortis

This Active skill is tanky and is useful when trying to keep enemies off of you as you shower them with projectiles. It is a great defensive skill to have with you. The passives that increase its HP and Threat are best, use Glutton, Undying, Foul Guardian, Sacrifice, and Token of Shame.


Aether Jump

Wolcen’s mage builds are squishy so rolling out of the way and Aether Jump will help you get out of dodge. You will need passive skills such as  Continuum Expertise and March of the Devourers.

Bulwark of Dawn

You can use this skill to heal yourself when you’re potion is in Cooldown. You can use Divine Omnipresence and Aegis of Hope.


What Passive Skills to Use

You can use different passive skills to boost your damage and be a formidable force on the battlefield.


Spellcasters should pick this one up to boost Annihilation damage. You don’t need to worry about nodes so choose passive such as Heightened Concentration, and Adapt, and make your way into the Ranger Skill tree. You can boost your Spell Damage, Ailment Damage, Spell Casting Speed, and overall Damage in Lords of Mayhem. Eventually, you will get to Emotional Intelligence and Steadfast.


The main goal here is to get to the Archion’s Teachings. Follow the Shoot to Kill path, Deadly Aim, and Bullseye. Then head to the Safe From Afar, and Puncturing Shot to boost damage. Next, you will need Come What May to get out of tight situations.


Focus on the Warlock tree next via Scholar and get your hands on Emotional Intelligence and Steadfast. You should also get Reining in the Darkness, Faith Leech, and Duty to Exterminate.

Oracle of Trinity

Move to the Oracle Trinity Skill tree next and grab the Omnitempest, Precarious Flesg, and Immolation.


Spend some more points here to get Projectile Damage and Attack/Cast Speed. Get yourself Backline Raider and access the Cabalist Skill tree.


This is where you complete your Wolcen mage build, the Oracle of Flame. Pick the ones that give you Ailment damage, Spell Damage, Spell Cost Reduction, and Force Shield. The only skill you need to avoid is Insidious Decay.

Get the Shaman Staff

You need to use the Shaman Staff with this Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Mage Build. Flate Damage, Forst and Lightning are key because all mods are additive. You need equipment with + Fire Damage, + Frost Damage, and + Lightning Damage. Meanwhile, on your armor use +Elemental Damage and more Flat Elemental Damage (Fire). You will need Sockets of Support I, II, and 3, and Offensive II.

You can also check out our DPS mage build, and Bow ranged Wolcen build.


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