Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Freezing Arrow Bow Build

Wolcen bow freezing arrow build

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem ranged Freezing Arrow  Bow build focuses on a mix of passive skills that allow the player to shoot multiple projectiles that bounce off the enemy targets to hit others nearby. Moreover, they add a freezing effect via Frost Damage to your projectiles to help you freeze enemies. Once frozen the enemies become vulnerable to even more damage.

The ranged Freezing arrow build also benefits from high crit damage and crit chance.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Freezing Arrow Bow Build

The build we are working on today depends a lot on crit chance so plenty of points go into Ferocity. Putting in points to Ferocity will boost Crit chance and give you the most damage per point (0.5%) as it will be the primary attribute for this ranger build. On the other hand, agility is going to be an important aspect as well to help us increase attack speed.

Freezing Arrow Build Skills

For the Wolcen freezing arrow bow build we will be focusing on five skills that focus on frost damage and bow range, damage, etc.

  • Bow Shots  – This is going to be your default attack and in Wolcen it is the only way you can make projectiles bounce off of enemies. It also boosts rage which is required to cast other skills Because of Archion’s Teachings you can fire multiple projectiles at enemies.
  • Stings of Krearion – This skill is pretty useful early on in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem but not so much later on. It will help you take care of groups of enemies during Act 1. You can convert to Frost Damage by using the Whitefield Arrowheads skill mod. Also, check out Pulmonary Strike for a boost in crit chance and Cruel Songbird for a boost in crit damage.
  • Phantom Blades – The skill is able to fire two projectiles once you get a hold of the Archion’s Teachings passive. The damage can be converted to Frost Damage to benefit from the Frostbite passive by using Bladed Blizzard skill mods. Also, look at Butterfly’s Eye and Gutting Wheel to boost Crit Chance and Crit Damage.
  • Wailing Arrows – The skill is very useful when you are overwhelmed and have to be on the move. It is able to rain down arrows after you AoE an area. Use the Black Cloud skill mod for more AoE damage. Also, look into Eagle Eye and Broadhead passives for a boost in crit chance and crit damage.
  • Duskshroud – Use for a damage buff as it will add a 30% Shadow Damage per strike. You will also gain movement speed if you mix this skill with Light’s Swift Retraction skill mod. Also, check out Shifting Along Walls for faster Force Shield regeneration.

Freezing Arrow Bow Build Passive Skills

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem’s Gate of Fates is an annoying thing to figure out and often you’ll need to repec a few skills to align everything to your liking. Here we will explain what passive skills you need to finalize your Wolcen Ranged Freezing Arrow Bow build.

  • Sentinel – From Sentinel skill tree pick Refined Technique, Precise Strikes, and Backline Raider. All of these skills will end up giving you a boost in Projectile Damage, Attack Damager, and Crit Chance.
  • Ranger – From the Ranger side of things pick up Shoot to Kill, Archion’s Teachings, Bullseye, Deadly Aim, Swiftness, Swift Death, Safe From Afar. Also, check out Persistence Hunting and Overwhelming Barrage.
  • White Arrow – From the White Arrow side of things get your hands on Wintry Hail. Eventually, make your way to Hungry Stalactite and Acute Tracking.
  • Soldier – Pick up Heavy Blows and Zealous Might from the Soldier side.
  • Assassin – You need to get Merciless Lethality and later grab Slipping Shadow.
  • Warmonger – Get your hands on Unleashed Power and Feast For The Crows. Also, pick up Tearer of Flesh.
  • Child of Fury –  Get Furious Appetite and Frenzied Blows right away. Also, check out Flurrying Flames for your Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Bow Freezing Arrows Build.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know to create the ranged Freezing Arrow bow build in Lords of Mayhem. You can also check out Bow DPS, and Gun Mage Builds.

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