Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Bow DPS Build Guide

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Bow DPS Build Guide
Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Bow DPS Build Guide guide

We have already talked about Bleeding Edge Melee Build and Mage DPS builds, now it is time to check out Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Bow DPS build. Wolcen gives you all the freedom you need to create the build of your dreams. There are so many directions you can go but for those looking for a ranged build, we have created the Bow ranged DPS Wolcen build.

In Wolcen there are three primary methods of dealing with damage, Melee, Ranged, and Magic. The purpose of this DPS guide is to focus on the Ranged part of the damage dealing in Wolcen. Creating a build is based on your choices of skills, and perks via the Gate of Fates.

Wolcen Bow DPS Build

We have already talked about this in other guides but for those who are reading for the time, let’s talk about what is Gate of Fates. It is a unique perks system in Wolcen, a sprawling wheel of nodes that pairs up your chosen skill trees. For ranged damage builds you must focus your investments on the Soldier and Sentinel skill trees. Start working on your Soldier and Sentinel skill trees. You would also want to branch off to Assassin and Ranger perk trees to enhance your bow skills for this Bow DPS build from Wolcen Lords of Mayhem.

You need special points to invest in Wolcen skills and perks. The points are earned when you level up. Each time you do, you will be getting two points to invest in your  Wolcen builds.

First, we will look at the best Soldier Perks for our Bow DSP build, Wolcen players should invest in the following perks. However, since there is plenty of flexibility in Lords of Mayhem, you can specialize your build by investing toward out of the way nodes such as The Wild Card to up your crit hit chance and damage by 50%. You can also go for The Heat of Battle which gives your Rage an additional boost when you get a hit.

Best Perks To Get

Soldier Best Perks 

Quick Draw — +10% cooldown reduction for all skills. 
Pain Resistance Program —  +15% to all resistances score, +5% maximum health 
Capable  —  +25% maximum health, +3% Rage cost reduction, +3% Willpower cost reduction 
Zealous Might — +15% attack damage, +10% critical hit damage 

Now let’s take a look at the Sentinel perks that you should look at when creating the Wolcen Bow DPS build.

Sentinel Best Perks 

Refined Technique — +20% projectile damage, +20% melee weapon damage 
Precise Strikes — +15% attack damage, +15% critical hit chance 
Chemically Empowered Metabolism — +15% maximum health, +15% health regeneration 
Resilient — +20% maximum health, +10% force shield 

The Ranger perks tree is where you will boost your ranged Bow attacks. It has nodes that will help you skyrocket your DPS, projectile speed, attack speed, and ability. The following are the skills you should get first but you can also invest toward Ranger perks like Come What May for armor-piercing attacks, and Safe From Afar that give you additional damage from afar.

Ranger  Best Perks 

Shoot to Kill — +10% projectile damage 
Bullseye — +25% projectiles  critical damage 
Elusive — +15% dodge  chance 
Lithe — +25 agility 

The Assassin Perks tree is where you will take care of critical damage and movements of your character while creating the Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Bow DPS build. The skills listed below will help you get the work on your movement on the battlefield. You will also be able to get more Stamina by investing in Escape Artist.

Assassin Best Perks 

Swiftness — +15% attack speed 
Escape Artist — +1 stamina point 
Strike Like Lightning — +5% move speed, +5% attack speed, +5% spell casting speed 
Physical Conditioning — +100 maximum health, +5% maximum health 

Best Skills To Get

You now have a better understanding of what perks you should invest in so now it is time to move on to best skills you should get for your Bow DSP Build.  Keep in mind that skills are random drops so it may take some time before you gather the right kind of skills to finalize your ranged bow build.

Best Skills  Description 
Mark of Impurity  As the name may suggest to you, the skill can mark an enemy which means you can deal additional damage to that enemy. Use Guild by Association skill mod with this skill for better effect. You can also put on the Target Eliminated skill mod and boost your crit damage. 
Avenger Autoturret  You can set up a turret as you try to escape. Use the Self-Destruct Protocol skill mod with this one to make it explode when destroyed, dealing damage to nearby enemies. 
Phantom Blades  Sends a large projectile toward the enemies. Use the Cut Through the Ether skill mod with this one for extra mobility. 
Arrows Wail  Shower down arrows on a select area 

 This should pretty much finalize your ranged DPS Bow build in Wolcen. If you have any other helpful tips for our readers, take to the comments and let them know. Update: Check out the latest Freezing Arrow Bow build.


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