Melee builds are popular in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. We have covered a very powerful melee build already and today we another one for you. Wolcen Bladestorm melee build will have you spend as many points as possible in the Ferocity attribute. You won’t be needing Toughness and Agility, your attack speed will go up with special perks. We suggest putting it 5 points into Wisdom after every 4th level, and the rest will go to Ferocity.


Wolcen Bladestorm Melee Build

In this section, we will discuss what skill and skill mods you need to create our Bladestorm melee build.

Bleeding Edge is a great ability to have here as it comes with a spinning Axe that cuts through everything in its path. Use Sovereign Shout for instant rage and other buffs. Blood for Blood triggers Rend damage bonus. The perk is very useful when dealing with tough bosses like Edric. Wings of Ishmir is another skill that lets you regenerate rage and this is a great way to engage with the enemy. The character jumps in the air and slams a spear on the enemy position. Add bonus modifiers and you’ll gain rage and other buffs for you and your teammates.

However, Bladestorm is the primary way to deal damage to your enemies. It builds up rage for every enemy hit so use Unfettered Determination to keep spinning. You will be able to spin as long as you hold down the button.


What Skill Path to Follow

Head to Soldier wheel and get The Wild Card and The Heat of Battle for rage and damage bonuses. Your next step is to use the Warmonger tree to get the Blood Reaper for Bleed Damage and also unlock Manic Slaughter. Use Feast for the Crows for HP recovery and Bestial Frenzy. Get Gods Amongst Men to boost material damage and it converts all other types of damage to material damage.

Wolcen Bladestorm Build Gear

Focus on getting the gear that gives you added perks such as Ferocity, Crit hit chance, crit damage, bonus damage, Rend/bleed. Most of the items you need are dropped by the end game. Rigard’s Hope is not a bad option as its base stats are pretty good and it can stun after every dash attack. It is also not a bad idea to use a legendary weapon with the Wolcen Bladestorm build. However, we still suggest going with Rigard’s Hope.


This marks the end of our Wolcen Bladestorm Melee build guide.


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