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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Aspects – Abilities, How to Unlock, Primordial Essence


Aspects in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem allow the player to activate the Apocalyptic Form for a short duration of time. There are different Aspects in the game that have their unique skills for various benefits such as increased elemental damage, enhanced attack speed, etc. In total, there are 4 Aspects that the player can unlock in Lords of Mayhem.

How to Unlock Aspects of Apocalypse in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

To unlock the first Aspect in Wolcen, the player needs to complete the first chapter. The remaining are unlocked as the player continues to progress through the game. When unlocked, Aspects can easily be changed at any time during the game.

Aspects require Primordial Essence in order to be used. A meter on the player’s screen indicates how much Primordial Essence is required to use an Aspect. When completely filled, pressing the ‘R’ key should activate the player’s chosen Aspect. Once the meter is emptied, the player’s character will turn into its normal form. To refill the Primordial Essence meter again, the player will need to kill monsters.

Aspects that the player can choose from in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem are:

  1. Aspect Dawn
  2. Aspect of War
  3. Aspect of Flesh
  4. Aspect of Infinity

As mentioned earlier, each of the Aspects of Apocalypse in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem has a unique set of abilities that the player can utilize in battle. The following is an overview of all the abilities belonging to each Aspect of the Apocalypse in Lords of Mayhem:

Aspect of Dawn

Abilities belonging to Aspect of Dawn deals Sacred damage to enemies while generating the Essence of Sanctity.

Aspect of ApocalypseDescription
Immaculate ScoreA set of powerful attacks that deal Sacred damage.
Will of the ProtectorA wave of holy energy pulls enemies toward the player before landing a massive hammer strike. The attack deals Sacred damage while generating the Essence of Sanctity.
Hammer of the AuroraHammer thrown in the targeted area deals Sacred damage upon impact and binds enemies to the center. The player can reactivate the ability to deal damage to bind enemies and generate the Essence of Sanctity.
All-Cleansing LightThis ability engulfs the player with an aura that deals damage to all nearby monsters and boosts allies’ Sacred damage for a while.
Dawn ChoirThe player’s character launches itself into the air and lands at the targeted area to deal a massive amount of Sacred damage depending on the amount of Essence of Sanctity.

Wolcen Aspect of War

Abilities from Aspect of War are all about accumulating Frenzy stacks to perform rapid-hitting strikes dealing Fire damage.

Aspect of ApocalypseDescription
Frenzy AttacksRanged attacks that deal Fire damage. Frenzy stacks determine the attack speed.
Unflinching AssaultThe ability deals Fire damage to enemies in front of the player while generating Frenzy stacks. The stacks reduce the ability’s casting duration.
Scorching Obelisk of WarBuild a fiery pillar that deals Fire damage. The player can consume all Frenzy stacks to increase the damage dealt.
Strife of BaaphethThe player unleashes a beam of Fire damage (can be charged) that catches everyone in a straight line.
Charge of the First WarriorThe player’s character gallops toward the enemies dealing Fire damage before causing a massive fiery explosion that deals AOE damage.

Wolcen Aspect of Infinity

The player gets to deal Aether damage with these abilities while generating Entropy.

Aspect of ApocalypseDescription
Biorhythmic MissilesThe player fires homing projectiles that deal Aether damage and generates Entropy.
Calamitous ParadoxA projectile attack that pierces through monsters while dealing Aether damage. Reactivating the ability deals AOE damage depending on the Entropy points.
Inevitable ObsolenscenceThe player gets to mark priority targets before dealing Aether damage to them and generating Entropy.
Spatial WarpChannel a beam of Aether damage that continues to grow in size and damage.
Parallel ConvergenceThe player creates a clone of its character at the targeted area that replicates all of the player’s skills. Reactivating the ability swaps positions with the clone.

Aspect of Flesh

Dealing Rend damage is the name of the game when it comes to abilities belonging to Aspect of Flesh. The following are all its abilities:

Aspect of ApocalypseDescription
Boneblade IncisionsRapid slashes that deal Rend damage.
Bone ShurikenThe player’s character throws shurikens in a cone in front of it, dealing Rend damage and generating Aspects of Blood. When consumed, the Aspects of Blood increase the number of shurikens and damage of the ability.
Eviscerating FlurryThe player’s character is engulfed with projectiles that deal Rend damage to everyone near it.
The Hungering FleshThe player’s character separates itself into 3 and deals Rend damage to a single target.
Rapid AssimilationThe player’s character dashes through enemies while dealing Rend damage.

These are all the Aspects that the player can unlock in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. For more help on the game, check out our Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Wiki.

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