Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem Alastor Guide: How To Beat

Wolcen Alastor

Alastor is another mini-boss that you encounter in Wolcen during the Warm Welcome Quest. He has all kinds of different moves that you will need to counter in order to defeat him. In this guide, we are going to go over how you can beat Alastor in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem.

How To Beat Alastor In Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem

The following are the different moves that this boss is going to use against you.


Alastor is able to perform rapid attacks which allows him to maneuver himself more easily around the battle area along with dealing heavy damage.


This boss comes with a posse of his own. You will face a bunch of enemies along with Alastor so kill them first before dealing with the boss.

Wolcen Alastor

Quick Strikes

With his blades, Alastor is able to perform a series of rapid attacks at close range. You simply need to step out of the way of this fast yet effective attack.


As can you, Alastor will also be dodging your attacks. He can occasionally use this ability to counter your special attacks. Beware of his dodges as he can land counter blows as well.

The perfect strategy for defeating Alastor is to not remain stationary and use every opening you get to deal damage to the boss. Killing his companions will make it much easier to defeat this boss.

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