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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Wood Phase Spells Guide

Decide on the Best Wood Phase Spells for You


Welcome to the ultimate guide on Wood Phase Spells in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty! Wood Phase Spells are powerful abilities with elemental properties tied to the game’s Five Phases.

Spells can be used to deal devastating magical attacks, control crowds, buff yourself and your allies, heal your wounds, and even enchant weapons.

In this guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Wood Phase Spells, exploring their mechanics, effects, and how to unlock and use them effectively in battles.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Wood Phase Spells List and Effects

In offensive Wood Phase Spells, lightning can cause the Shock status effect to afflict targets. In addition to offensive spells, the Wood Phase has healing and buffing spells as well. Moreover, Earth Phase abilities can be countered with these spells.

SpellEffectMoral RankBase Spirit CostVirtue Rank
Lightning WeaponThis ability temporarily imbues your current melee weapon with Lightning.106401
Absorb VitalityWhenever you or your allies deal damage to enemies in close proximity, you will all restore HP.06001
Lightning BoltSummons a bolt of lightning on either a locked-on target or a point a specific distance ahead of you.33201
Heaven’s RageSummons lightning to strike in a region around a locked-on target or in front of you.184401
Unstoppable ForceAutomatic recovery during Low Spirit and reduces automatic depletion during High Spirit.
Spirit FervorProvides you and your allies with a positive effect that enhances Spirit gain when attacking.
Barbed ConductorCreates branches on the ground at your location. If activated again while the branches are still present, a bolt of lightning will strike them.04208
Barbed NightmareSummons thorns from the ground, which can absorb a percentage of the damage inflicted on enemies. Additionally, the thorns can restore the HP of both you and your allies.12105040
Lightning RushHurls a lightning bolt that rushes forward.757015
Guard FormationGenerates a zone that lessens the damage allies inside it receive from enemies.368010
Immer BreathBoosts the accumulation of the Divine Beast Gauge for a specific duration.
Focus ZoneGenerates an area in which allies inside it deal additional damage to enemies.789020
CleanseResets all the current negative effect accumulations to zero for you and your nearby allies. It also confers a positive effect that reduces the amount of negative effect accumulation for all Phases, except Metal.036020
Perfect RestoralProvides you and nearby allies with a positive effect that allows them to completely nullify a single enemy attack.15105030

How to Unlock Spells

To unlock spells in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you need to level up Virtue. This is done by farming Genuine Qi and then leveling up Virtue through Battle Flags. Depends on what spells you want to unlock; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, you need to level up their respective Virtue. For example, if you want to unlock Wood Phase Spells, you’ll have to level up Wood Virtue.

That’s everything you need to know about Wood Phase Spells in Wo Long Dynasty.

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