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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Water Phase Spells – Best Spells, Effects


Welcome to the guide on Water Phase Spells in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty! As a subcategory of Wizardry Spells, Water Phase Spells offer a unique set of abilities with a focus on controlling the battlefield and debilitating enemies.

From freezing your foes to creating barriers of water, these spells can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Let’s explore the best Water Phase Spells and their effects in this guide.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Water Phase Spells

Ice is the main element of Water Phase Spells in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. In this phase, you can fire quick-firing offensive spells with single-target and AoE options. It also has stealth and traversal spells. Fire Phase attacks and effects can be countered by Water Phase.

SpellEffectVirtue RankMorale RankBasic Spirit Cost
Ice WeaponEnchants your current melee weapon with Ice for a limited duration.127680
Frost LanceSummons an icicle to the front that moves forward or toward a locked-on target with increasing speed. The icicle deals damage upon contact with enemies or terrain.10260
Frozen MaliceCreates a large icicle in front of you that can be launched forward or towards a locked-on target. The icicle gains speed as it travels, dealing damage upon impact.63570
Omnious ChillSummons a continuous barrage of small icicles that rain down on the locked-on target or a designated point a certain distance ahead.4015780
Unseeable FormGrants invisibility for a set duration, rendering the caster undetectable by enemies.8121050
Aqua BlinkInstantly teleport to the front.207360
Phanton IcicleReleases curse bolts that generate a mysterious fog upon contact with enemies or terrain. Enemies that come into contact with the fog will experience reduced targeting ability for a set period of time.3012630
Obscuring FrostCreates an area of fog that impairs the targeting ability of enemies in close proximity for a certain duration of time.207470
Malignant IcefallSummons a large ice shard to descend upon the locked-on enemy or a designated spot in front of the user.257420
Cloud StanceReduces Spirit consumption for deflection for a set duration.20520
Alacrity HasteIncreases movement speed for a certain period of time.47420
Frozen Spear TrapA trap of sharp icicles is laid at your feet. Enemies that trigger the trap will be impaled and take damage from the sharp icicles.33730
Unrelenting FrostHurls a blast of ice shards and allows for continuous shooting by holding down the Wizardry Spells input.153470
Frozen ArrowGenerates a frost that transforms into icy pillars after a set duration. These pillars will then move quickly forward or towards the locked-on target when initially summoned.103420

Best Waster Phase Spells to Get Early

  • Frozen Arrow
  • Malignant Icefall
  • Cloud Stance
  • Frost Lance
  • Unseeable Form
  • Aqua Blink

How to Unlock Water Phase Spells

Unlocking Water Phase Spells work the same way as Fire, Earth, Metal, and Wood. Level up the Water Wood Virtue by farming Genuine Qi and spending it at the Battle Flags.

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