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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Metal Phase Spells – Best Spells, Effects


Metal Phase Spells in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are a powerful subcategory of Wizardry Spells, with their primary element being Metal. A lot of these spells focus on offensive attacks and debuffs, but they also have defensive and support spells.

Players seeking to counter the offensive spells of their opponents can use Metal Phase spells against Wood Phase spells. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the best Metal Phase Spells and their effects.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Metal Phase Spells

Metal Phase spells mostly use Toxin as their element, focusing on damage-over-time effects, debuffs, and strengthening status effects. Toxin attacks can also cause the Poison status effect. Countering Wood Phase attacks and effects is easy with Metal spells.

SpellEffectVirtue RankMorale RankBasic Spirit Cost
Toxin WeaponFor a certain period of time, enchants your current melee weapon with Toxin.110800
Poison BubblesUnleashes poison bubbles that burst upon impact with enemies or terrain, creating a poisonous bog that inflicts damage over time to enemies in contact with it.10250
Toxin BubblesUnleashes bubbles of poisonous gas that will burst upon contact with enemies or terrain, creating a bog that deals damage over time to foes.118600
Elemental PlagueIncreases the accumulation of all status effects dealt to enemies for a certain period of time.110500
Poison CorrosionEmits a poison fog to the front. The fog will cause damage over time to enemies touching it.13250
Repression CrushFires a curse bolt ahead that slows down enemy’s recovery from Spirit Disruption for a duration.13400
Venomous DischargeBubbles of poison are released which burst and create poison bogs. Enemies who touch the bogs will take damage over time.53780
Devouring SweepEmits a poisonous fog to sweep within a cone-shaped area of effect.133420
Venom SnareUnleashes a curse bolt towards the front that envelops the target in a toxic fog. The fog will persist for a while, inflicting damage over time to any enemies who enter it. In addition, the bolt will also reduce the target’s Spirit Disruption recovery rate for a certain period of time.4012840
Thorny GroundYou can summon thorns from the ground that will impede the movement of enemies. When foes step on them, their movement speed will be reduced for a set duration.2012420
Life WitherFires a curse bolt that increases the damage taken by enemies hit for a certain duration.715630
Calamity BoltsCurse bolts are fired towards the front, reducing the damage dealt by enemies hit for a certain period of time.43570
Molten Calamity ThornUnleashes a metal-imbued attack that damages enemies it touches. If inflicted with ailments, enemies are cured and take additional damage based on the number cured.303840
Thorn ShotReleases curse bolts that, upon hitting enemies or terrain, create thorns that slow down enemies that step on them for a set duration.250360

Best Metal Phase Spells to Unlock Early

  • Thorny Ground
  • Life Wither
  • Calamity Bolts
  • Thorn Shot
  • Elemental Plague
  • Poison Corrosion
  • Venom Snare
  • Repression Crush

How to Unlock Metal Phase Spells

Just like Earth, Fire, and Wood Phase spells you need to level up the corresponding virtue for Metal Wood. You can do this by earning Genuine Qi and spending them at the Battle Flags to upgrade Metal Wood Virtue.

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