Welcome to the ultimate guide on Fire Phase Spells in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty! As a subcategory of Wizardry Spells, Fire Phase Spells are powerful active skills with elemental properties tied to the Five Phases philosophy.

You can use these spells to deal devastating magic attacks, control crowds, buff yourself and your allies, heal your wounds, traverse the terrain, or even enchant your weapons.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best Fire Phase Spells, their mechanics, effects, and how to use them effectively in battles.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Fire Phase Spells

Fire Phase spells are mostly offensive and use flame as their main element. In addition to dealing damage, they can afflict targets with Burn. Their buffing spells also increase their offensive power. The Metal Phase spells can be countered with Fire Phase spells.

SpellEffectVirtue RankMorale RankBase Spirit Cost
Flame WeaponMelee weapon can be temporarily enchanted with Flame for a specific duration using Fire Phase Spells.110800
Blasting FlareEmits an eruption of flames to the front.10250
Surging BlazeUnleashes a blaze that spreads out in front of you, dealing more damage to targets closer to the point of release.13450
Bursting FireballAllows you to hurl a devastating fireball that will split into multiple smaller fireballs upon impact with an enemy or terrain, or after traveling a certain distance. The resulting explosion can deal significant damage to surrounding enemies.118700
Burning FlamewaveSummons a continuous stream of swirling flames in front of you, which deals damage over time to any enemies that come in contact with it.110600
Overpower BurstGreatly increases the damage dealt by the Wizardry Spell or Martial Arts next used.13500
Amplify DamageTemporarily boosts both the amount of damage you deal to enemies and the amount of damage you receive from them.83720
Engulfing InfernoSummons and attacks with multiple pillars of flame.257420
Fire BoltHurls a mote of fire in front of you.20260
FireblastLaunches a fireball that follows a curved trajectory due to gravity, exploding upon impact with either an enemy or the environment.40470
Scorch CometDischarges ahead a large ball of fire.67840
Scorch StreamEmit a continuous stream of fire in front of you by holding down the input for Wizardry Spells.207630
Scorch SweepEmits a stream of fire to sweep within a cone-shaped area of effect.207630
Scorch SpinnerShoots a stream of fire from both hands, engulfing nearby enemies in flames.207520

Best Fire Phase Spells to Unlock Early

  • Flame Weapon
  • Scorch Stream
  • Surging Blaze
  • Amplify Damage

How to Unlock Fire Phase Spells

To unlock Fire Phase Spells in Wo Long Dynasty, you must level up the Fire Wood Virtue. You can do this by farming Genuine Qi and then using it to level up Fire Wood Virtue via Battle Flags.

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