If you’re looking to master the power of Stone in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Earth Phase Spells are the way to go! As a subcategory of Wizardry Spells, Earth Phase Spells are active skills with elemental properties tied to the Five Phases.

Depending on the conditions, these spells can be cast and have varying effects, including destructive magic attacks, crowd control, self and ally buffs, healing, traversal, and weapon enchantment.

Earth Phase Spells deal heavy damage to enemies and disrupt their movements with Stone as their main element.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the best Earth Phase Spells, their effects, and how to use them to dominate battles.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Earth Phase Spells

While the Earth Phase is known for its defensive capabilities and buffing spells, it can also afflict enemies with the Faint status effect. Many of its spells have knockback effects, so they’re great for keeping multiple enemies at bay. Earth Phase Spells are also highly effective against attacks and effects of the Water Phase variety, making them a valuable weapon.

Earth Phase Spells
SpellEffectVirtue RankMorale RankBasic Spirit Cost
Stone WeaponTemporarily imbues your current melee weapon with the power of Stone, granting it enhanced properties for a limited duration.110800
Rock SpikeSummons rock pillars in front of you. they will explode and knock enemies away upon contact.10500
Enhanced DefenseFor a certain period of time, you receive less damage from enemies and will not flinch except from some powerful attacks.13600
Mighty ShockwaveUnleashes a shockwave in the surrounding area, pushing back and damaging any nearby enemies caught in its path.110600
Deathly BogCreates a big in a nearby area. This bog will cause damage over time to enemies touching it.118600
Lion’s RoarAllows you to let out a powerful shout that generates a shockwave, causing enemies hit to focus their attention on you. Additionally, it temporarily reduces damage taken from enemy attacks.13800
SandsinkGenerates a whirlpool of sand that draws enemies into its center.153360
Boulder KnucklesImbues you with stone and allows you to perform a frontal jab.
This attack deals more damage in inverse proportion to your current HP percentage.
Imposing SlabCreates temporary pillars of rock in front of you that can explode upon contact with enemies, dealing damage in the process.87730
Fiend VanquisherEnables you to charge forward without being interrupted, except for powerful enemy attacks. You can move farther by holding down the input for Wizardry Spells.3012520
Rock ToughnessDecreases the Spirit damage you receive from enemy attacks and provides a one-time effect that prevents your Morale Rank from decreasing when hit by an enemy’s Critical Blow.67840
Illusionary ShellFor a certain period of time, creates an invisible shield around you that absorbs a certain amount of damage.40151050
QuakeboundFor a certain period of time, grants an ability to increase enemies’ Stone ailment accumulation by deflecting.40470
Force BlowUnleashes an attack using the power of Earth Phase.100310

Best Earth Spells to Get Early

  • Force Blow
  • Rock Toughness
  • Imposing Slab
  • Sandsink
  • Quakebound
  • Lion’s Roar

How to Unlock Earth Spells

To unlock Earth Spells, you need to earn as much Virtue as possible and then spend it upgrading your Earth Wood virtue. You can level up Earth Wood via Battle Flags found on every level in the game.

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