Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has launched to great critical reception. However, PC players are pleased with the game and it currently stands at Mostly Negative reviews on Steam, at the time of writing. Furthermore, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty PC players are experiencing errors and issues like in-game crashes, a Blue screen of death at launch, a black screen, no cutscenes, the game locked at 720p, and more. The following are the fixes for the errors PC players report.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Fixes That’ll Help

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an action RPG developed by Team Ninja, developers of Nioh. However, PC players are having trouble playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty as they experience errors and issues. The following are the errors that PC players report along with their fixes and workarounds.

Black Screen, No Cutscene Fix

PC players are experiencing a black screen at the very first cutscene. According to players, they can see subtitles and her audio, but the video doesn’t play. The reason for the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty black screen issue is that your PC doesn’t have VP9 extensions. Sometimes extensions and codecs are required to play certain video formats and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty requires VP9 Video extensions. The fix is very easy, download and install the VP9 Video extensions through Microsoft Store, launch the game, and the black screen will be fixed.

BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) Fix

Some Wo Long Fallen Dynasty PC players are experiencing BSOD crashes when they launch the game. Players report that this issue is related to the latest GPU driver. Install a previous driver version and do a clean installation so that no previous driver setting can cause the BSOD again. PC players report that doing this fixes the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty BSOD crash.

Game Not Starting, Crash At Startup Fix

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty PC players report that the game is crashing at startup or doesn’t launch. The following are the fixes.

Verify Game Files

According to players, the game crashed randomly while playing and after that, won’t launch. There is a chance that during the crash, game files could’ve been corrupted. Verify game files, launch Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, and it won’t crash at launch. Right-click Wo Long Fallen Dynasty in Steam library > properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files.

Disable Fullscreen Optimizations

Disabling fullscreen optimizations can also fix crash at startup issues with video games. Right-click the game in Steam Library > Manage > browse local files. An explorer window will open with game files. Right-click the executable > properties > Compatibility tab > check “Disable Fullscreen optimizations” and apply. This will fix the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty crash at startup issue.

Blurry Visuals, Game Resolution Locked At 720p Fix

Some Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty PC players are experiencing an issue where the game is locked at 720p or 1080p resolution and nothing they do changes the resolution. Players report that certain drives are conflicting with the game causing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to lock at 720p resolution. One player reported that disabling the Citrix driver from the device manager and disabling other display drivers through the Device manager fixed the locked resolution issue. Open Device Manager > Display Adapters > right-click the GPU driver other than the Nvidia or AMD driver > Disable device. Do the same in Device Manager if you are using Citrix. This will fix the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty locked resolution issue.

Crash Fix

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty players report that the game is crashing randomly while playing and the following are the fixes.

Remove Unnecessary Peripherals

Using third-party peripherals can cause games to crash as their drivers or software can conflict with the game. If you have plunged any third-party peripheral that you aren’t using, then remove it and also disable or uninstall any driver or software for the peripheral. This will fix the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty in-game crash.

Disable Third-party Software

Using third-party tools and software like MSI Afterburner, Discord, RGB software, or more can cause games to crash and that might be the case with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Disable any third-party tools you are using and the issues will be fixed.

Disable In-game Overlays

In-game overlays like Steam in-game overlay or GeForce Experience overlay can cause Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty to crash. Disable in-game overlays and the crashing issue will be fixed. To disable Steam in-game overlay, open Settings > In-game > uncheck “Enable the Steam overlay while in-game.”

To disable GeForce Experience > click on the Great icon next to your username > General > turn off the “IN-GAME Overlay” options.

That is all for our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty fixes for errors and issues like in-game crashes, black screen, BSOD, and more. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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