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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Village of Calamity Flag Locations Guide

Where to Find All Battle and Marking Flag Locations in the Village of Calamity


Are you struggling to find all the flag locations in Wo Long’s Village of Calamity? There are two kinds of flags in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Battle Flags and Marking Flags. Battle Flags act as checkpoints and upgrade points, but Marking Flags are smaller and hidden in tricky places.

In addition to increasing your Morale, planting any flag will increase your Fortitude Rank. This guide will cover all 3 Battle Flag locations and 3 Marking Flag locations in the Village of Calamity, the starting region of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

All Battle and Marking Flag Locations (Village of Calamity)

First Battle Flag.

Battle Flag #1: Starting at the Village of Calamity spawn point, leap over the barricade situated on the left side of the path. Once you reach the end, jump over the house using the ledge. You’ll then need to fight a few enemies to get to the first Battle Flag.

First Marking Flag.

Marking Flag #1: From Battle Flag #1, go up the stairs in front of you and jump onto the ledge, and then descend down the opposite side. Get to the first Marking Flag by jumping on the rock ahead of you. There is a lot of fire near the rocks so watch out!

Second Marking Flag.

Marking Flag #2: From the first Marking flag, go straight by climbing over rock formations. Drop down from the last rock to find the second Marking Flag.

Second Battle Flag.

Battle Flag #2: From the second marking flag, go up the stairs shown in the image above.

Third Marking Flag.

Marking Flag #3: Drop down from the second Battle Flag, climb up the rock to the right, and jump over the broken bridge. Turn left and go up the stairs to find your third Marking Flag.

Third Battle Flag.

Battle Flag #3: From the third Marking Flag, take the path pointed by the arrow in the image above. The final Battle Flag will be right in front of you.

Why You Should Find Battle and Marking Flags

Battle and Marking Flags have different purposes in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Battle Flags allow you to create save points and also upgrade your character when you have enough resources. You can also sell unwanted items at Battle Flags to farm copper. On the other hand, Marking Flags are used to raise your Fortitude Rank in Wo Long: Dynasty.

That’s everything you need to know on how to find all Village of Calamity Battle and Marking Flags.

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