Witchfire is a roguelike game that offers a unique leveling system, different from what you might expect in other roguelike or roguelite games. While you might be tempted to grind through expeditions, dying in the game can set you back significantly. This guide aims to provide you with detailed tips and strategies to level up efficiently in Witchfire, ensuring that you make the most out of each expedition.


In Witchfire, the key to leveling up lies in the Ascension Shrine. Unlike other roguelike games where you might keep some form of currency or items after death, Witchfire requires you to leave an expedition through a portal before dying. You gain experience by killing enemies, looting chests, and completing objectives. Once you’ve accumulated enough experience, you can spend it at the Ascension Shrine to level up. However, dying will make you lose almost everything, including experience, items, and more.

What You Need To Level Up – Witchfire Currency

Witchfire, the in-game currency, plays a crucial role in your leveling journey. You earn Witchfire during your expeditions, and you can spend it at the Ascension Shrine located in the Sanctuary, your home base. The catch is that leveling up one stat makes every other stat more expensive to upgrade. Therefore, it’s essential to strategically spend your Witchfire to maximize your character’s potential.

Death and Recovery

Dying in Witchfire is not the end; it’s another attempt to get stronger. If you die during an expedition, you can reclaim your spirit at the area where you died, restoring all the Witchfire you had. You can then teleport back to the Sanctuary through any of the portals located on the map. Note that your skills won’t go with you when you teleport, and everything resets. However, Witchfire that you earn from slain enemies is bound to you, so it stays in your inventory even after death.

Efficiently Using the Ascension Shrine

The Ascension Shrine is your go-to place for leveling up in Witchfire. Located in the Sanctuary, this shrine allows you to spend your hard-earned Witchfire to upgrade various stats. However, there’s a catch: each time you level up one stat, every other stat becomes more expensive to upgrade. This mechanic encourages you to think strategically about which stats to prioritize. For example, if you find yourself struggling with survivability, it might be wise to invest in health-related stats first before focusing on damage.

Ascension Shrine Screen.

Witchfire Drops: Small, Medium, and Large

Enemies in Witchfire drop Witchfire in different sizes: small, medium, and large. These drops are bound to your character, meaning they stay in your inventory even if you die. This feature allows you to accumulate Witchfire over multiple runs, making it easier to level up when you return to the Sanctuary. It’s crucial to collect as many of these drops as possible during your expeditions to maximize your leveling efficiency.

Reclaiming Your Spirit

If you happen to die during an expedition, all is not lost. You can reclaim your spirit at the location where you died, restoring all the Witchfire you had. This mechanic gives you a second chance to return to the Sanctuary and level up, making each run less punishing and more rewarding. However, remember that teleporting back to the Sanctuary resets your skills and other temporary buffs, so weigh the pros and cons before making the decision.

Consuming Witchfire in the Sanctuary

Once you’re back in the Sanctuary, you can consume the Witchfire that you’ve collected from slain enemies. Consuming Witchfire this way allows you to gain more experience, which you can then use at the Ascension Shrine to level up. This method is especially useful when you’re close to leveling up but just short of the required Witchfire.

Witchfire is a game that rewards patience and strategic thinking. The leveling system is designed to be slow and steady, encouraging players to think carefully about their choices. Whether it’s deciding which stats to upgrade or which skills to unlock, every decision you make will have long-term implications.

Best Stats to Upgrade in Witchfire

When you’re new to Witchfire, the game can be quite challenging. One of the key elements that can make your journey smoother is knowing which stats to upgrade. With six different stats to choose from, it’s crucial to invest wisely, as upgrading becomes increasingly expensive. Here’s a rundown of the most effective stats to focus on:

Luck (Drop Rates)

Luck is a game-changer in Witchfire. It enhances the drop rates from enemies, providing you with valuable items like ammo, elixirs, and supply keys. While it’s not confirmed whether Luck affects your chances of avoiding curses from artifacts, it’s a stat worth investing in to improve your overall survival odds.

Metanoia (Experience Gain Rate)

Metanoia is another stat that you should prioritize, especially in the early stages of the game. This stat boosts the rate at which you gain experience and Witchfire, allowing you to level up your other stats more frequently. The sooner you become powerful, the easier your runs will be.

Vitality (Max Health) and Endurance (Max Stamina)

Once you’ve got Luck and Metanoia sorted, your next focus should be on Vitality and Endurance. Vitality increases your maximum health, making you more resilient, while Endurance enhances your stamina, allowing for more dodges and sprints. Choose between these two based on your playstyle.

Healing and Witchery

While Healing and Witchery are also options, they are generally less useful. Healing improves the amount of health restored by Elixirs, but Vitality is a better choice for survivability. Witchery reduces spell cooldowns, but given that you’ll likely be using firearms more often than spells, it’s not a priority.