Unlocking and upgrading weapons in Witchfire is a crucial aspect to enhance your gameplay and ensure your survival against the relentless witches. The process might seem intricate, but with the right guidance, you can easily navigate through it. This guide will walk you through the steps to unlock and upgrade weapons in Witchfire, ensuring you are well-armed to face any challenge the game throws at you.


How To Unlock And Upgrade Weapons in Witchfire

To unlock new weapons in Witchfire, you must first reach level five. This milestone grants you access to the Mirror Workshop in the Hermitorium. Here, you can commence your research on new weapons, including medium and long-range guns, and various spells. As you begin your research, a timer appears, marking your progress. Engage in expeditions, eliminate enemies, and return to the Hermitorium alive to advance your progress bar. Alternatively, you can expedite this process by offering gold.

Upgrading weapons in Witchfire involves a different approach. You must have the weapons equipped and inspect them in your menu. You will notice a series of objectives listed in the bottom left corner. Complete these requirements and return to the Hermitorium. Utilize the Gun Workshop and inspect your weapons again, this time with the ability to upgrade them. Each upgrade enhances your weapon’s abilities and unlocks a new set of objectives, which grow increasingly challenging as you progress.

How To Improve Weapons In Witchfire

To improve your weapons, visit the Gunroom, select a weapon, and choose the ‘Inspect’ option. Fulfill the listed requirements and select ‘Unveil Mysterium’ to unlock a perk, called Mysteria, and obtain the next set of requirements for further benefits. Consistently strive to accomplish specific tasks with each run, especially regarding weaponry. Have clear goals for each expedition when it comes to gun upgrades.

Acquire new weapons in Witchfire by researching the specific weapon type you desire. The game offers Close range weapons, Medium range weapons, Long range weapons, and Demonic weapons. Research a weapon type multiple times to gain more weapons of that type in your arsenal. Note that there are level caps for certain research topics, so you won’t access all the weapons in Witchfire immediately.

How to Unlock Mysterium in Witchfire

To upgrade your gun in Witchfire, unlock the first Mysterium by eliminating enemies. Subsequently, kill more enemies with your chosen gun and research the next Mysterium in the Workshop.

This comprehensive guide provides a detailed walkthrough on unlocking and upgrading weapons in Witchfire, ensuring you are well-equipped to battle the witches and survive the game’s challenges. Follow these steps diligently, and you will have a fully stocked Gunroom full of arcane power-ups, ready to face any adversary in Witchfire.