Windows Error 0x80070035 pops up when you can’ connect to your internal network. Here are a few methods that’ll fix the “Error Code: 0x80070035, The network path was not found” error.


Error 0x80070035

Microsoft Windows allows users to share files across the same network or internal network. This basically allows access to files present on other systems, provided they have shared said file on the network.

This particular error code pops up when a user is unable to open a file shared on the internal network. There are various reasons for this. The following are the fixes to fix this particular error.

Fix #1

The first thing you need to check if the file, folder, or the drive is shared properly on the network. Here is how to do it.


Right-click on the file, folder, or the driver you want to share and select Properties. Go to the “Sharing” tab > Advanced Sharing > check “Share This Folder”. Click on “Permissions” > click once on “Everyone” and check all check boxes below it. Press “Windows + R” and when the window pops up type \\Ip Address or PC’s name and press Enter. Your shared file or driver will show up in the new Window which means the Error is fixed.

Fix #2

If the above fix hasn’t resolved the error 0x80070035 then making changes to Registry files is your next option. Here is how to do it.

Press “Windows + R” and type “Regedit” in the window that’ll pop up and press enter. Look for “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIN”, expand it and look for “System” and expand it too. Look for “CurrentControlSet” and expand it. Then look for “Services” and expand it too. Find “LanmanWorkstation” and then click on “Parameters”. On the right side, double-click on “AllowInsecureGuestAuth” and set the value to “1”. Click on Ok and exit. Windows Error Code 0x80070035 will now be fixed.

That is all for our fixes for Windows Error Code: 0x80070035 The network path was not found. If you are facing other errors on Windows then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and issues.




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